Social Friday: G+ Custom URL, BlogWorld, Forget Engagement And A Special #FollowFriday

Social Friday Welcome to Week 4 of the Social Friday Series from SocialMouths, I’m glad you’re here!

The week, as it has been for the last month, has been taken by conversations about Google Plus. You know how we are, we love to predict the future… The only news that got a little attention besides G+ was the US launch of Spotify yesterday.

But there was a question this week that I thought was kind of crazy, then it made me realize that people have different concerns and some people actually think this, the question was “what’s gonna happen to Facebook?” and my answer was this: “Nothing”. Sure, Likes are down, people are actually spending less time and the launch of G+ made it look like old technology BUT, competition is good and the result of that is usually more quality and more value for the end-user.

In the mean time, if you want to connect on G+ here is my profile. BTW, check out my shiny G+ icon up there on the right side of the header. Komodo Media has quickly updated the famous Social Network Icon Pack with the G+ icon.

What do you say we move on to some cool content I ran into this week…

Awesome Posts This Week

How to get a custom URL for your Google Plus Profile

As you know Google Plus has not offered url customization yet so your url is pretty much a long and impossible to remember ID number. My friend Shelly Kramer published this post on how to get a short url for your Google Plus profile through Until Google allows us to pimp our own urls, this is the best solution.

Is “Engagement” good for our customers or for our company

Every now and then there is a post that makes us stop and question everything about how we conduct ourselves and our marketing strategies in social media, in this case Neicole Crepeau knocks it out of the park by providing a reality check on engagement. This is a guest post Neicole did for Mark Schaefer‘s {Grow}.

A story about getting traffic

Lately I’m enjoying posts that are written in a story format, this is what Ramcel Gatchalian has done in this post for Kikolani, instead of building a list of items he tells the story about how he started blogging, his newbie mistakes and how he decided to rethink and adjust. At the end, it’s a story about web traffic.

Mobile Browsing: Is your blog ready?

Does your blog embrace mobile browsing? This is one of those juicy posts with lots of information, Danny Brown takes you from some interesting facts to providing different options. Don’t miss this one!

99 Tools to Help You Generate Leads with Social Media

99 Tools to Help You Generate Leads with Social Media Jamie Turner and the folks at HubSpot are bringing you a new FREE ebook that focuses on lead generation through social media.

Some of the topics included in the ebbok are social media ROI, tools to manage Twitter, Facebook and other platforms, measurement tools and following analysis. You know HubSpot is known for putting a lot of stuff out there for small businesses.

99 Tools to Help You Generate Leads with Social Media is free and you can get it here in exchange of your info… so you can consider that lesson 1 on how to generate leads.


Join me at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Los Angeles, May 3-5, 2011!

In case you didn’t know, BlogWorld Expo 2011 is this coming November 3-5 and this time, is in beautiful Los Angeles (which means no traveling cost for me, yey!). Besides the actual expo and all the programs they offer, BlogWorld is a great opportunity to meet and hang out with bloggers.

Even though the speaker lineup has not been released yet, you already know it will be awesome. The good news is that you can still take advantage of the early bird pricing until July 21. If you’re looking to get a Full Access Pass your saving $300 by getting in early or you can save $50 on a 2-Day Pass.

Register here and let me know if you’re coming in the comments section of this post.

A Special #FollowFriday

The intention of this little section is to recognize cool people doing great work online and at the same time introduce them to you (okay… it’s also good karma). So here goes, this week’s Special #FollowFriday is for…

Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee Wei-Ren Aaron is a Twitter powerhouse on his own. Now that I think about it, this #FF is probably pretty useless because the entire planet already follows this dude. If you have any involvement in social media and Twitter or you just love the industry, I suggest you follow Aaron and have him visible on your dashboard at all times, put him on a list next to Mashable and TechCrunch!

I met Aaron the first time he RTed one of my posts and caught my attention when I saw about 10 RT’s immediately after him. Kid has influence on lockdown, he knows it and he’s very generous with it. He has always been very supportive with SocialMouths.

Find him on Twitter or visit his blog AskAaronLee

And that’s all from me this week, I hope you were able to kick some serious behind during the week and you get to enjoy some chill-time on the weekend!

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