Social Friday: Alternative Leadership, StumbleUpon Traffic, Twylah And A Special #FollowFriday

Social Friday by SocialMouths Welcome, and thanks for assisting to a new installment of my recently launched series “Social Friday”.

Pretty cool stuff happening on the social media and blogging worlds, we continue to discuss Google + and you can see how the story develops emphasizing on 2 main aspects: how it’s impossible for Google to compete with Facebook at this point AND, how Google + is already much cooler (and useful) than Facebook.

It’s waaaay too early to say. Relax people… My opinion? if you are an online marketer, a blogger, or you’re simply taking your business online, you will need to be present. Period. Other than that, let’s see how it all develops and we’ll adjust as needed.

Let’s get moving here to some great content I stumbled upon (hmm, interesting choice of words) on the interwebz this week…

Awesome Posts This Week

What? StumbleUpon is the new king of traffic generation?

GigaOm published an article this week showing us how StumbleUpon generates more traffic for US websites than Facebook itself. I frankly couldn’t care less about this kind of stuff, I’ll go to my Google Analytics to see how my business is affected. How much traffic is SU sending YOU? I’ll share this with you: SU was usually one of my top 10 traffic sources, then it went down, now it’s back up there and sometimes, sending more traffic than Facebook.

If you got rid of your SU buttons on your website, put them back on.

The best Guest Posting story I’ve ever heard

This is a great story about how Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness had a post syndicated by Gizmodo and generated an obscene amount of traffic and attention in general (followers, subscribers…). But I’ll let you read the post, which was published by Corbett over at ThinkTraffic.

7 days to start a blog

This one is a massive piece by Tony Hue from Lone Placebo, it’s a guest post on Kikolani. Tony starts by making fun of Darren Rowse and his 31 days book and takes you on a day by day journey to build a better blog. Like I said, massive post that deserves some bookmarking and use it as reference.

How to promote your product after its launch

Jonathan from ByBloggers, who has been a guest here at SocialMouths before, gives you a list of 11 ways pro bloggers promote their products even after launching. Here is what I like about this post, Jonathan is a highly creative individual that loves going into new territories, this is no exception so don’t expect to read the same old list of crappy items you read a thousand times.

How To Lead Without Followers

How to lead without followers My Ebook recommendation for this week is coming from Dave Ursillo from and it is basically a little taste he has put together on what’s coming on his new project “How To Lead Without Followers“. Dave sent me a copy last week and today he’s making it available for everybody.

The project is an alternative leadership movement that Dave has started as a result of 3 years of changing his own life and going through a process of starting to write on his blog, quitting his job and changing his focus to a selfless life.

Leadership is one of the topics I truly love and consume as much as I can and I love some of the things Dave is sharing here. I can wait for the official version to come out.

The ebook is free and you can get it here.


In case you missed it, Dave Gallant was a guest this week on SocialMouths with a post that covered how to increase your influence by curating content and he mentioned a few very cool tools for you to use. But I wanted to add to Dave’s post, one more tool to the list…


Twylah is basically a digital newspaper that grabs its information from your Twitter content. It organizes this content by the most relevant keywords used on your stream. In the above image you see how my Twylah displays “Blog” and “Facebook” as trending topics.

The work here is pretty much done for you and ready to be shared. Besides, it’s a pretty good looking site. Visit my Twylah!

A Special #FollowFriday

The intention of this little section is to recognize cool people doing great work online and at the same time introduce them to you (okay… it’s also good karma). So here goes, this week’s Special #FollowFriday is for…

Dino Dogan

Dino Dogan on SocialMouths If you don’t know Dino, he’s the founder of Triberr and that I’m sure you heard about. He’s also the author of DIY blogger. I met Dino through a post he wrote in which he trashed criticized every single blog nominated by Social Media Examiner. Luckily he was pretty positive about my blog (or I wouldn’t be writing this shit).

But in all seriousness, I want to recognize Dino and recommend this #FF for 3 reasons:

  • He’s not afraid to call things by its name
  • The idea of Triberr is pretty damn awesome and I wish it was mine (damn straight!)
  • But mainly because this is a guy that truly cares about community (and I’m not just saying that)

Dino, keep rockin’ hard bro!

And that’s Friday kids, I hope you had the chance to kick some serious ass this week!

P.S. Saturday is technically the last day of the week… just sayin’ in case you need an extra day to drop awesomeness!

  • I totally disagree. Dino is a total schmuck! 
    Nah, JK.. cool dude for sure. DINO, we have to talk soon man. 

  • It organizes this content by the most relevant keywords used on your stream. In the above image you see how my Twylah displays “Blog” and “Facebook” as trending topics.

  • Anonymous

    Great post Fransisco, I’m digging the Friday format 🙂

    I actually just notice Twylah a few days ago, pretty need stuff. I’m definitely going to get set up on it.
    Also, started playing around a bit with

  • Francisco, aloha.  Love this “Social Friday” series.  Look forward to reading the post on SU and from Tony Hue.  Already ready Dave’s post earlier this week, commented & tweeted it, downloaded the free e-book, received my Twylah yesterday and, as you already know, I think Dino and Triberr rock!

    Thx so much for all the goodies.  Best wishes for a terrific weekend.  Aloha.  Janet

  • dude…this was totally sweet. thnx for including me in your line up, you rock 🙂

  • A spot well deserved @dinodogan:disqus ! And I wish Triberr were my idea… damn straight! 😉

    Great stuff Francisco as usual. Lots of juicy stuff to read this weekend. As for StumbleUpon, I’m with you. Sometimes we’re up, sometimes were down… just like a typical relationship. LOL  I don’t focus much time on it. My target market seems to hang elsewhere anyway.


  • Hey Francisco! 
    I noticed a big surge in traffic from StumbleUpon earlier this year and I assumed it would be temporary. I’m happy to say I was wrong about that and SU has continued to be my top referrer by far over Twitter and Facebook. As a result, I started spending more time there and on my blog I’ve shared some tips on how to keep a steady flow of SU traffic. 
    Tony Hue is one of my favorite bloggers and I’m always picking up some great tips from his blog and on Twitter. 
    I was a beta tester for Twylah and worked with Eric Kim to have Twylah on my own domain. I love it and the power tweet feature rocks!

    Dino has done an exceptional job with Triberr and you’re so right about him being focused on engagement.

    Thanks for sharing these posts and I’ll swing by and check out Dave’s ebook soon too. I’m looking forward to your Social Friday series every week now.

  • Yo Francisco,

    Thanks for the info on Stumble Upon. I just enabled the sharing for it. Hopefully it will help generate some traffic. If not, I won’t buy you a beer or glass of wine….I know, pretty harsh threats, huh?…

    Keep on kickin ass sir!

  • Thanks Francisco – honored to be included in this amazing line-up!

  • Love your article!

  • Wonderful

  • sfsf

  • web presence” into a profit powerhouse using techniques on social media, 

  • Quitting his job and changing his focus to a selfless life.

  • Other than that, let’s see how it all develops and we’ll adjust as needed.

  • Mihaela Swrina

    I agree. When it’s special they should really understand. I like this point of view.