Affiliate Marketing For Beginners [Interview with Corbett Barr]

Corbett Barr from Affiliate Marketing for Beginners I gotta be honest and start this post by saying that Affiliate Marketing has always been a topic that while it gets my attention, I’ve never done anything to learn much about it.

A few weeks ago Corbett Barr, author of the blogs Free Pursuits and Think Traffic, launched a course named Affiliate Marketing For Beginners that got me excited about learning this again. Knowing Corbett and being an avid reader of the content he puts out there, I was certain that this was not going to be one of those sensational “Get Rich Quick” products that we are used to seen online.

I wasn’t wrong. I’m currently taking the course and am happy to say that not only is a great product that set the expectations straight about Affiliate Marketing but also is written with great style that’s super easy to understand. Also, while I’m diving right into it and actually enjoying it, I still have some questions of my own and thought I’d ask Corbett for a short interview and hopefully answer those questions for you too.

So here it is, I hope you enjoy!

Francisco: I’m sure the majority of my readers are familiar with your blogs, Free Pursuits in the field of Lifestyle Design and more recently Think Traffic, where you talk about strategies for building website traffic (BTW, I named this blog in my post “15 Blogs To Follow If You Want To Kick Ass Online“). How did you end up involved in Affiliate Marketing?

Corbett: hey Francisco, great question. I started blogging as a way to explore alternative lifestyles and ways that people could earn a living online. I didn’t start with a specific business plan and soon realized that blogging isn’t a business in itself.

That led me to evaluating different online revenue models. There were four possibilities in my mind (advertising, consulting, product sales and affiliate marketing) and I decided to learn and practice each. Learning affiliate marketing was part of that process, and I’m so glad I took the time.

Francisco: You mention on the intro that you just recently started focusing on affiliates, can you share with our readers what your experience has been and what you have been able to accomplish in such a short period?

Corbet: if I understand you correctly, you’re wondering how I learned affiliate marketing and started earning income so quickly? Well, I think anyone can actually learn and successfully apply affiliate marketing techniques within a few months time. It’s just that most people don’t commit to actually sticking with one thing until they see results.

Instead, people bounce from one “shiny thing” to the next, looking for a magic bullet or shortcut. The truth is, it takes hard work to earn a living online. There’s no getting around that. The sooner you commit to really learning one thing well, the sooner you’ll start reaching your goals. Luckily, I figured that out within a few months of starting my blog.

Francisco: The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Affiliate Marketing is, considering how competitive the internet is today, is it too late to get in the game? Are there still opportunities to create a sustainable income?

Corbett: it’s absolutely not too late to earn a living from affiliate marketing. Yes, things aren’t as easy as they were back in the “good old days,” but there are still plenty of opportunities. I just started last year with no prior experience, and have earned as much as $1,000 in a day just from affiliate marketing. Also, by learning affiliate marketing well, you’ll develop skills you can apply to building online businesses of many different types in the future.

Francisco: I love the fact that you set expectations straight right off the bat. What can beginners expect in terms of income, timing and work required?

Corbett: It depends a lot on someone’s prior experience building websites and selling things online. My most successful course members have built up a $1,000+ monthly income from affiliate marketing within about 3 months. It takes probably 40-60 hours of study and effort to make your first sale, but that depends on a lot of factors.

There are people who make millions of dollars a year from affiliate marketing, and there are people who sign up for my course and never make a single sale. The truth is, it’s entirely up to you whether you are successful or not. The only thing required to succeed is dedication and hard work. The opportunities are there for whoever wants them.

Francisco: Usually with a product like this, marketers launch an affiliate program as part of the sales strategy, it’s only natural but, when I see the approach you have taken by closing the program only to people that has joined the course I get the impression that you are trying to build something special here, seems to me like you are even willing to sacrifice some sales in exchange of something. What’s the idea behind it?

Corbett: Yes, absolutely. I restricted the affiliate program for this course to members only. The reason is, this course is focused on ethical affiliate marketing techniques. To me, that means only selling things you’ve actually used or reviewed yourself. I wouldn’t want people who haven’t enrolled in my course to be selling it based on false promises or bogus information.

Francisco: The name of the course indicates that it is for beginners but, we all know that to do business online we need some knowledge on programming, design, maybe some copywriting and even SEO. Is it possible to see some success without being an expert on those fields?

Corbett: This course truly is for beginners. I walk members through the entire process and provide resources for someone with no knowledge at all to succeed. However, people with some experience in building websites will obviously have a much easier time with the course.

Francisco: I noticed that you are also featuring a couple of add-ons like group and one-on-one coaching, how does it work and what can people expect from these services?

Corbett: There is a deluxe package option in the course that provides some bonus audio lessons, interviews with other successful affiliate marketers and group coaching calls for members. Most course members opt for the deluxe option, but it isn’t required.

Thanks Corbett for putting out a great product and for doing the interview for SocialMouths.

My Take On Affiliate Programs

And this is just my perception looking from the outside. I had a bad taste in my mouth due to what we are used to seen online, you know, shady “get rich” pitches highlighted in yellow and flashy red copy. What I have learned with Corbett is that there is a legit and responsible way of doing business in this industry, one that can provide a sustainable income while you’re able to sleep like a baby at night. Not just that but there is a lot to be learned if you plan to develop and market your own products.

Before I go, there is another thing I wanna mention about Affiliate Marketing For Beginners, the product could easily be a simple eBook but Corbett has built it into an online course in a blog format, what I love about it is the interactivity it provides, mainly by allowing comments on every single page. Yes, you can read other people’s comments and questions and ask your own.

My Recommendation

As you can see on my sidebar, all advertising (mainly from AdSense) has been completely removed. My goal is to get rid of the clutter as much as possible to provide a better experience for my reader, those ads are random and don’t add any value to the experience. From now on you will only see a couple of products I absolutely believe in, products that I actually consume.

So here is my first recommendation, take a look at it and see if it’s a good fit:

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Your Turn…

Have you ever considered affiliates as a business? What is your experience? Or… do you have any questions? Don’t be shy, share your thoughts and questions in the comments section.


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