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Review Of Your Blog And Social Media by SocialMouths Yes, it’s that time again. Time to give away stuff here at SocialMouths. Time to accumulate some good Karma credits.

If you have been reading SocialMouths for a while, you probably noticed that I like giving stuff away from time to time. Today I’ll take the opportunity to promote one of my new services, a Review Of Your Blog And Social Media. Even tough this was not listed as a service before, I’m often asked to review blogs, Facebook Pages and social media strategies in general so, I decided to officially offer it to my readers.

This is also a good way to thank you all because SocialMouths just finished October with an all-time high in traffic, double its subscriptions, had the lowest bounce rate in the history of humanity and for the first time in one year, the number one source of traffic was “Google Organic” (not sure what that means yet since I don’t pay much attention to SEO in this blog).

Anyways, back to you. Let’s go over what the prize includes, how the contest works and the requirements…

The point of this type of review is that we sometimes get stuck in one way of doing things, we put in the hard work over long hours trying to be successful in our social media and blogging efforts and we can’t seem to get ahead in the game. Those are the times when we need an outsider to come in and give us a good reality check, a constructive one of course. Getting somebody else’s perspective can help us unstuck and adjust our strategy. Even better if we get somebody with experience, with a share of success as well as failure under his belt to point out specifics.

What I do is sit in front of your online properties (blog, social profiles, etc.) to write a full report that outlines your strengths and weaknesses, what I believe is working and what’s not and provide you with real advice on how to kick it up a notch (or two).

Yeah! But What Exactly Is Included In The Review?

You’re gonna love this. The Review is a document that includes full analysis and specific advice on the following areas:

  • How to improve your blog content so readers interact more and keep coming back
  • How your blog’s design and usability is affecting your business objectives
  • How to generate more traffic
  • How to improve and optimize your social profiles
  • How to take your social media strategy to the next level and turn it into an attraction tool
  • What are your direct competitors doing that is working
  • How is your online presence measured by different rankings
  • How to simplify your overall online marketing strategy

In other words, hardcore blogging and social media advice to help you take matters to the next level. That simple!

Also, I Promise You A Couple Of Things

  • I will not fill you up with general concepts. I give you specific and actionable advice, the kind you can actually implement right away
  • I will not speak to you in Geek language, mostly because I’m not a geek. I speak “Human”
  • I have a lot of respect for your time, I know you want results and you expect to get juicy stuff… so no Bullshit from me baby!


I thought so. The review has a value of $199 and if you are one of the winners, you will receive your copy for FREE (Yay!). I’m planning on giving away 3 of them so you guys have more chances.

How It Works


  • I’ll make it very easy, the only requirement to participate in the contest is to join the SocialMouths Awesome List. Just go to the bottom of this post and enter you email to signup (you can also use the little box at the top of the sidebar)
  • Make sure you look for the email in your inbox and click on the link to Confirm Your Subscription
  • Participation begins NOW and runs until Friday, November 19th

That’s all! Painless, right?

Then What?

  • We will randomly pick 3 winners from the list
  • I will announce the winners on the blog on Monday, November 22nd
  • I will also contact the winners via email and will attach a Discovery Form so you can send me all your info (you know, URL’s and stuff like that)
  • And lastly… you get a shiny review that will help you kick it up a notch in the digital world!


  • Signup for my email list (at the bottom of this post) between NOW and November 19th
  • Come back to see if you’re one of 3 winners on November 22nd
  • Get a shiny Review of your Blog and Social Media!