Announcing “Launch Your Awesomeness”

SocialMouths - Launch Your Awesomeness SocialMouths is turning one year and to celebrate, I’m launching my first product.

It’s called “Launch Your Awesomeness – Your own kick-ass blog in only 48 hours” and I would absolutely love it if you can take a couple of minutes to read this post to understand what it is, why I created it, for who and how you can hopefully benefit from it.

Also, I’m leaving the comments open if you want to give me feedback, if you have some ideas to improve it or to simply ask questions.

So What Is It?

It’s a packaged solution to speed up the process of launching your blog, a successful one, either for your business or for your own personal brand.

I figured that every new blogger needs 5 essential elements to have any chance to success:

  • Full control. In other words, eliminate the webmaster
  • A kick-ass first impression, which today means a few seconds
  • Some SEO basics to be search engine friendly and don’t invisible
  • Social media integration to amplify the message
  • And traffic analysis for better performance

So I came up with a solution that provides all that by implementing the necessary tools. Your blog is ready to perform at its best and at the same time, I’m eliminating the learning curve. These tools I’m talking about include WordPress, Thesis, Disqus comments, Tweetmeme buttons, sharing systems like ShareThis, Facebook and Twitter widgets and others. These are the tools you have already seen being used by successful bloggers out there.

A true powerhouse, ready for you to come in and start dropping your awesome content.

Also, I have put together a couple of designs so you can pick your choice. The trick here was to create something that looks good and at the same time it’s simple enough to be usable in any kind of business or industry. You can’t just base your online presence on good design BUT (notice I used the big “but”…), don’t you agree that a decent design build that initial trust any website needs? I thought so, you have been in that situation when you hit the back button in a matter of seconds too, right?

What’s NOT

It’s not a WordPress “Premium Theme”. Period.

Who Is This For?

Well, being an entrepreneur myself, I understand beginnings are not easy specially in the financial department. This means that while we’re looking to launch something of quality, we don’t always have the necessary budgets and resources to build from scratch. I see this with some of my clients. Launch Your Awesomeness is a solution for those people.

The reason I didn’t conduct a survey to have a more crowdsourcing approach to the whole thing, which is something I plan to do in the future, is because I had already enough feedback from over a year of working with clients. I have listened carefully all this time to the needs and objectives of people launching their first blog, redesigning an existing one or even going for a second one.

This Is Your Chance

If you have been postponing the launch of your blog because you didn’t have enough money, you didn’t know how to implement all that technology or your cat is looking at you weird, this is your chance to stop those excuses that build up an unreal sense of fear in you and… Launch Your Awesomeness!

Go visit the site at

Thank you!

You still there? Go!


  • Asiabird01

    This is an awesome idea! What about also including the email marketing part too? I just spent all day futzing around with mailchimp and wordpress, blaaaaahh! 🙂

  • Yes, it was considered but couldn't make fit in that budget or time frame. I will still try to figure something out to include.

    That's funny, I have been on Mailchimp all afternoon…

  • This is some very good advice. I will have to visit the site you mentioned. I never thought of it quit like that.

  • Generally speaking, an on-air personality has to hold onto a certain demographic to succeed. I don't listen much to commercial radio but I would think that a person on radio needs to communicate clearly

  • This is great. Congrats on your one year. It looks like you have done really well.

  • Congratulations on reaching a year's worth of blogging! This looks like a great product. I know if you are not technical then starting a blog can be very daunting. You make a good point that even if you have awesome content but your website suck you aren't going to get very far!

    Good luck with this!

  • I think same but still some part of community fo believe more on contents rather to the look of the blog….i assume reader variation have different interest about this

  • I figured that every new blogger needs 5 essential elements to have any chance to success:

  • Melinsf

    I am sure that it will be even better. As for now I can say that this is the best choice you can make.