15 Blogs To Follow If You Want To Kick Ass Online

20 Blogs to follow if you want to succeed online Being successful online requires that you beat a pretty long learning curve and while I try to contribute with my 2 cents, there are amazing bloggers out there that you should be reading on a regular basis.

These people put their amazing talent and knowledge into blog content and deliver it to their online communities week after week.

I have to advise you that if you see that I’m not going with the obvious is for 2 reasons, one because I like helping you discover stuff that you might have missed (there is just too much content out there…) and two, not that I don’t occasionally read the usual suspects, but this is the stuff I visit frequently. Also let me say that this is not a ranking so don’t pay attention to the order.

Why am I sending traffic to other blogs? Am I crazy? That’s just how I roll… enjoy and I hope you find something awesome!

Think Traffic

I just love the approach, it presents a different view at building website traffic. It delivers advice that’s easy to understand and also the transparency to showcase itself as a case study so you can learn from real experience. ThinkTraffic is the second blog from Corbett Barr, author of FreePursuits.

Think Traffic - Build a high-traffic website or blog

The Launch Coach

Dave Navarro, known as @rockyourday on Twitter, takes it to the next level by teaching you how to launch and sell products online like there’s no tomorrow. TheLaunchCoach is a great resource to learn how to monetize your online presence. He’s also the author of the famous ebook “How to launch the **** out of your ebook”.

The Launch Coach - Dave Navarro


Glen Allsopp teaches you how to build traffic, get hundreds of comments, tweets and subscribers. My advice is that when you are trying to learn from somebody, do so from a person whose achievements are obvious. ViperChill has that. If you need creds, this kid was the social manager for brands like Land Rover, HP and Nissan at 18 (No, that’s not a typo…).

ViperChill - Viral Marketing

Mars Dorian

If you’re tired of reading the same old boring crap about online marketing and personal branding, Mars Dorian is your guy. Just out of the ordinary, kick-ass content with fresh design and writing style. One more thing, you gotta love the photography! Also follow him on Twitter.

Mars Dorian - Spread Your Influence

Fuel Your Blogging

Part of the Fuel Brand Network, it delivers advice on all aspects of blogging from writing content to promoting and building community. Fuel Your Blogging feels very light as they usually craft very short and fresh posts. Most of the content here is created by Brandon Cox, who deserves a special mention.

Fuel Your Blogging - Brandon Cox


IttyBiz has the perfect tagline to describe itself, “Marketing for businesses without marketing departments”. The blog is ran by Naomi Dunford, who is a true ninja if you hang around the social platforms and the blogosphere. Make sure you visit the store for a collection of kick-ass marketing products.

IttyBiz - Naomi Dunford


I don’t need to introduce CopyBlogger. The only reason I have included it in this list is because I think this is really a solid source for any level. The blog includes amazing sections on topics such as Landing Pages, SEO or Copywriting 101 (look over the left sidebar…).

CopyBlogger - Brian Clark

Social Media Examiner

Solid social media advice for business people, lots of it. Usually very meaty posts with lots to chew on. What I love the most about Social Media Examiner are the contributors, you get content from people like Denise Wakeman or Mari Smith.

Social Media Examiner

The Hubspot Blog

Hubspot talks about blogging, SEO, social media, analytics and other stuff, but what I like about it is the Lead Generation advice. In this case we’re talking about a company rather than a blogger but we are after the knowledge to beat the learning curve. Hubspot also offers a lot of webinars that are very good resources to speed up you learning process.

Hubspot Blog

Convince & Convert

Another one in the social media department, this one is a little bit more on the advance side. Jay Baer’s Convince & Convert is probably one of the only blogs I read on social media. Solid and consistent content.

Convince & Convert - Jay Baer


Straight up kick-ass advice on blogging and social media. Kristi Hines of Kikolani is not afraid to lay it all out, she shares a lot of resources, links, tutorials, etc. She also contributes to sites like SME.

Kikolani - Kristi Hines

Famous Bloggers

Do you want lots and lots of content on blogging in general? Famous Bloggers has an awesome frequency of quality advice. This is another one with lots of contributors, I particularly look for stuff from Kristi Hines, Hesham (its founder) and Julius Kuhn-Regnier.

Famous Bloggers


One of the most recognized blogs in the online marketing world. Top Rank is definitely one of the few you need to have in your learning toolbox. It covers SEO, social media, content marketing and PR. Top 5 in the AdAge Power150 blogs. Also, follow Lee Oden on Twitter.



You can’t ignore analytics. This one is from Avinash Kaushik, author of Web Analytics 2.0. Leaning more towards the advance level. Long posts loaded with great concepts, thoughts, examples and graphics.

Avinash Kaushik

Search Engine Journal

I have to admit I don’t read much about SEO, Search Engine Journal is probably one of the only places I visit because of the content, easy to understand for regular human beings. The blog also delivers content on social media, PPC and other very useful topics. Look for Ann Smarty‘s posts…

Search Engine Journal


Hopefully I can continue to build up SocialMouths and provide value too. Let me know if there is something you would like to read here or if you have any ideas on what direction you would like me to take. I’m always open to ideas, specially if they’re kind of crazy!

Your Turn…

As usual, in these kind of lists, there is always somebody left out… I’m sure there are lots of cool people and blogs delivering awesome content that I failed to include, but I need to keep working, you know?

So why don’t you help me by adding your favorite blogs and participating in the discussion by adding in the comments!

  • Fantastic list! You can't go wrong if you follow these. They each bring a different flavor and perspective. Thanks for putting them all in one place. 🙂

  • I'm glad you like it Lisbeth. Thank YOU for the comment.

  • JamestheJustonElance

    Found this on an RT – thanks for the info. Like how you roll, almost as good as sushi.

    It's funny how many of these names get recycled (Viper Chill, CopyBlogger) and for good reason, too.

  • Wow man – thanks so much for mentioning Fuel! You've put us in incredible company!!

  • Mike Sansone's Converstations is one worth adding to this list: http://www.converstations.com. I've known Mike for years and he consistently provides informative content related to the use of blogs and social media for marketing. In fact, in his home town of Des Moines, Mike is known as the “blog father.” He is revered there for his knowledge, which he shares freely. He is one of the good guys who has been at this craft a long time.

  • I'd add ProBlogger. http://www.problogger.net/

  • sheilamikulin

    Thanks for this list Francisco!!

  • Thank you Paul, I'll make sure to check him out, and thanks for stopping by man.

  • Hey Francisco,

    kick-ass list, and not because I'm listed (well, maybe a little)

    Viperchill and Copyblogger are my all-time favs, in terms of value and minimalistic-essence writing style.

    I'm going to check out Convince and Convert – catchy title already 🙂

  • beckyholland

    Great list! I follow many of these blogs (and yours of course), but I found a couple new ones on here too! My favorite part of the list was that it did not include the often over-hyped Mashable and ProBlogger. Good work finding some lesser known gems!! 🙂

  • Awesome list here, some I've not heard of but will check out soon as I can. I'd second the nomination of site sketch and add hot blog tips and/or keithbloemendall dot come. Both are keith's sites and have some great, no BS information.

  • Gaetanodipaola

    great lists – thanks a lot 🙂

  • Thanks for the list, Francisco!
    Excellent, as usual..

  • Brandon, you flatter me my friend. You deserve this honor. Your site is excellent!

  • This is an awesome list.. thanks for this.

  • Lovely list, thank you. I'd add Problogger too and also Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income who's a great guy and font of knowledge. Writing more and more about blogging and web design myself these days – there seems to be an insatiable demand for it:) Great to meet you!

  • I'm glad to see one blog on the list that I already read..maybe I am making progress

  • All I can say is wow. I will definitely check these guys out. Thank you!

  • Bobby Hagstrom

    Take a look at Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income site; very comprehensive information on every topic regarding blogging and online income as a primary source. So “how to” that there isn't much left for you to figure out. A recipe for building permanent success.

  • I think I follow about 7 of these 🙂

  • This is a great list, and I am excited to be on it! 🙂 This list covers everything bloggers need from straight up blogging tips to SEO, social media, and overall marketing strategies.

  • How did Mashable miss?

  • Thanks for the question. What I try to do is 2 things, help you discover blogs that you might have missed due to the information overflow and, share the content I consume with you and for that I have to be true to myself and to you.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Thank you Bobby. You're right, I'm familiar with it. I guess is one of those I missed.

    Thanks for mentioning it.

  • Great list!

    One blog I really like is Danny Brown:


    It's a mix of social media, marketing, blogging and community, and is always full of great content and discussions in the comments.

  • Of course, love Danny. Thanks for mentioning him!

  • Theknowledgelady

    The one you suggested “convince & convert” caught my attention so I went over there. Just an FYI, my anti-virus (Avast) blocked a trojan and I had to abort the connection.

  • Sorry to hear that, I wonder what's going on, I just visited and didn't get any warnings.

  • I REALLY love Be Awesome Online (http://www.beawesomeonline.com/) and Johnny B Truant (http://johnnybtruant.com/)…. Superb list!

  • Whoa…dude! How come @problogger is not on the list? Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett just wrote the book on making money blogging! And what I really like about @problogger is his accessibility. I don't know how he manages it, but every time I've tweeted him a question, he has responded (maybe he has a squad of VAs, and I wouldn't blame him a bit), but he provides TONS of free, VERY useful content and comes across as a sincere, authentic, down-to-earth guy. Just sayin'. Other than that, this is a GREAT list! Thanx!

  • Awww…I get it. You left @problogger out on purpose as a sort-of link-bait thing, right?

  • Nice post, most of these i do check and read…they have nice stuff to read…..Few blog still i like may be mashable which is social media blog

  • I am also a regular follower of incomediary.com . His opinions and tactics are very honest and useful. Must check out.

  • KC

    I have followed Zachary Adam Cohen out of NYC, found it very helpful in my learning curve in social media. Thanks for the list!

  • Solid lineup. There a few that I would suggest for general online marketing/business related blogs such as Chris Brogan's and Seth Godin's blog.

    PS: The headline definitely caught my attenion 😛

  • pointededge

    Excellent reading list!

  • MyAgenda

    it appears his site was hacked, they're working on it. (via his Twitter account today at 4:30pm)

  • MyAgenda

    Additional great people to follow/read
    1) Edward Boches / Creativity Unbound at EdwardBoches.com
    2) Jason Spector / JasonSpector.com
    3) Bruce Turkel, at BruceTurkel.com
    4) Dave Armano at http://darmano.typepad.com/


  • Ok now I have my work cut out for me … so much reading! I know it's on a different shelf but I'm trying to follow the video blog learning curve with http://stevegarfield.blogs.com/.

  • Great list. Thanks. I also find Chris Brogan very solid: http://www.chrisbrogan.com/

  • These are great. Who doesn't want to do the best they can? Thanks.

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  • Jai

    I think http://www.quickonlinetips.com/ will fit your list perfectly.

  • Hey Francisco! Thank you for this post which introduces me to blogs I haven't yet read and confirms my choice of the some of the blogs I read and learn from today–including yours. 😉

  • So, not one person but me is going to tell you it's “advise”, not “advice”

  • Mag

    I went to some of these sites and they really were out of this world.

  • Glad you liked them!

  • Interesting.

  • Thanks for the contribution, that's what I'm talking about!

  • Jay Dolan at The Anti-Social Media reminds us how not to be “that guy” on social media — highly recommended: http://theantisocialmedia.com/

  • very good collection of blog to learn about blogging and social media….
    You can also add”socialmediatoday” to this list….

  • Very cool, I just checked it out.

  • Hello Sudharsan,

    Thanks for your comment. The reason I don't add SMT is because most of their content is by aggregation, which is fine, there is nothing wrong with that but I prefer to credit the source.

    You have a cool blog BTW, stay in touch. I didn't find your twitter on your site.

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  • JR

    There are so many more that can be listed, but for sure Sugar Rae at http://sugarrae.com has to be at the top of the list.

  • A very impressive list. I really liked ThinkTraffic and retweeted this article…

    ByrnesConsultin Lots of good links… RT @ThinkTraffic 101 Essential Traffic-Building Resources http://bit.ly/9wAWyh

    Mike Byrnes, President
    Byrnes Consulting, LLC

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  • I dropped by from bloggingwithamy.com . Great site!


  • Thank you Allie! Good to have you.

  • Nnenna

    thanks for these. It makes marketing my blog a lot easier.

  • Cindy Swain – PlanABrand

    Love your blog – thanks for the retweetabililty

  • I do read maximum of these but now i am more keen to be regular reader of these blogs, thanks for this useful post

  • Buziwiz

    Hey! Great list of blog sites! Will definitely look into them! One that you should also look into is http://rightclickmarketing.ca/blog/?p=453

    She is only 18 and is writing really amazing articles! Look into it for sure!

  • This is awesome, I'm a big fan of copyblogger, but I had not heard of most of these on your list.


  • Cooley

    Awesome post. I especially like “The Launch Coach.” Thanks for the links!

  • Great list. I'll definitely have to visit each one today. I already subscribe to CopyBlogger, but I don't read it regularly. You're right; there is so much information out there that it can be difficult to weed through it all. Thanks.

  • Great list! I am now following almost all of these blogs. Thanks.

  • Hi – this 15 blogs list is truly awesome. Have made a note of them all.
    I only found you (Social Mouths) after browsing through a Twitter follower's website.
    So many good people doing amazing things online.
    Look forward to your content and the others.
    Matilda Reich

  • This is a most helpful resource! Thanks!

  • I started panicking as i was a good 5 or 6 down the list before I cam across any that I had seen before 🙂
    Will definitely follow up on this list. Thanks very much.

  • Kay

    Brilliant blog post, very very useful! Great idea!

  • Great list, and I did like that I already follow some so I've just gone and grabbed the RSS of the others anyway without having to look too closely. You have great taste, obviously!

    Can I add: http://www.jeffbullas.com

  • Don Platon

    The best post on Social Media I've read this month!

  • Oh wow, thank you so much Don!

  • This is an AWESOME post! Holy Smokes! I just gave it a RT! Thanks for bringing the value and content! Give someone an AWESOME day! Casey

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  • Added my twitter profile in my blog….


  • I believe that if, you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want. I try to live by this rule because it has worked for me. You can not expect to get something for nothing.

  • Thanks for all the sites Francisco – I've filled up my Google Reader 🙂

  • seo_philippines

    Great post! Those blog sites that you shared were really great. Thanks for compiling these.
    seo philippines

  • I agree with you on this list. These are some great people. I believe I follow most of them, especially viperchill, Glen is a good guy.

  • Handsome Hansel

    As a brand new blogger, I am thrilled to have came across your site! You may have just saved me at least a year’s worth of trial and error. While I know it takes baby steps before I can walk then run, you’ve significantly sped up my mobility.

    Thanks again,

  • Thanks for your list! We’re also trying to get our blog seen, our tweets read and so on… and this is a great list of bloggers to emulate and read. Cheers!

  • zzzzzzzzz!

  • Thanks for the list! It can be hard to find useful blogs sometimes.

  • awesome list… thanks for sharing

  • yeah. i live that also

  •  You help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want. I try to live by this rule because it has worked for me. You can not expect to get something for nothing.

  • Great site! Very helpful and informative!

  • Jay

    Excellent list – a great resource for beginners or intermediate bloggers. keep up the great work.

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    List it on ourbusiness directory for FREE

  • Jessica Kulick

    Subscribe. http://forwhenyourefeelingdown.blogspot.com/ 🙂

  • That;s a kick ass list. I think it was missing some good resources. But I am not going to drop those links. I still that is a great list of resources.

  • Now there is some nice blogs, thanks!

  • Ann

    Another great blog you can read is called, “Bit About Brophy” at http://www.stacibrophy.com!

  • WOW. Awesome collection. of blogs. Great article. thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I like the writing structure of your blog and it does a pretty decent job of presenting the material.

  • This is exactly what I was looking for today.  THANK YOU!

  • Şerafettin Akın

    bu keliemede googlede ust sıralara cıkmak istıyorum

  • Thomas

    Thanks for posting. Your work is appreciated! Please keep it up daily! See you around!

  • Great list. My personal preference is Kikolani, it is amazing since it has blogs related to diverse areas like Seo, freelancing etc.

    Thanks for sharing. 

  • Being successful online requires that you beat a pretty long learning
    curve and while I try to contribute with my 2 cents, there are amazing
    bloggers out there that you should be reading on a regular basis.

  • AustralianRacingTips
  • I have visited kikolani a couple of times, also I normally visit design related websites such as abduzeedo, smashingmagazine, noupe, etc daily. Also some technology blogs such as engadget, mashable, etc.

  • Agree! I do regularly read some of their posts..

  • Oh yes, I almost forgot too!

  • These people put their amazing talent and knowledge into blog content
    and deliver it to their online communities week after week.

  • Great list, thanks for sharing, that’s really very generous. It helps a lot to watch and learn what made others so successful in a world where so many others are vying to get that much coveted attention.

  • These people put their amazing talent and knowledge into blog content
    and deliver it to their online communities week after week.

  • Impressive list and generous approach! Thank you!

  • These people put their amazing talent and knowledge into blog content
    and deliver it to their online communities week after week.

  • rere86

    like this your posting.. http://www.pelatihanguru.net

  • Yan Holguin

    Why am I sending traffic to other blogs? Am I crazy? That’s just how I roll… enjoy and I hope you find something awesome!


  • Thank you, Social Mouths for the really interesting article! I’ve been busy book marking your recommendations and look forward to reading over the coming weeks. Keep up the good work.

  • I’ve learnt a lot from The Launch Coach

  • Thao Vien

    You are not crazy. I’m sure! The list has been useful for us to improve blogging skills. Thank you Francisco Rosales!

  • prince khartol

    Thanks for the contribution, that’s what I’m talking about!+

  • Katie

    This is a wonderful list! You can thank @anisesmith for leading me here. I love that you specifically don’t go for the obvious. Most of the people who are looking at this site likely already found those ones and are looking to expand. I also appreciate that you welcome suggestions in your comments. Your readers are looking for the same things I am so any suggestions help. As a current student, I’m always looking for ways to drive readers to my page. The main reason I landed here was because of your title. My mother may end up washing my mouth out with soap but at least I’ll get some readers, right? Do you have any suggestions for a young blogger trying to eventually make it on one of these “must-read” lists?

  • Suzych

    It’s not that easy.:) But really a cool method.

  • Thanks for your list! We’re also trying to get our blog seen, our tweets read and so on… and this is a great list of bloggers


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