What Part Of Blogging Would You Like To Outsource?

In previous posts and polls we have discussed the issues of maintaining a blog, that is of course, if you blog for your business and the goal is to make it part of your marketing approach.

Today, entrepreneurs are known for being great at delegating and outsourcing segments of their business to be able to focus on the essentials but, would you consider outsourcing your blog? or at least aspects of the work load it represents?

What would you be willing to outsource?

Also, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments sections. Maybe you think it should not be outsourced at all…

Thanks for participating!

  • hahha, I voted for it, and I went for SEO.
    Everything else is feasible, but those keywords and ranking terms – meh !
    No me gusta.

  • carollynnrivera

    Would like to outsource the IDEA generating. Writing isn't as hard as thinking of something to write about – or a new angle on something to write about.

  • I hear ya man, too much mumbo jumbo. I have chosen to ignore must of it and it still turned pretty good…

  • I voted for SEO as well,
    I always need help with it! lol..

  • I voted for SEO. As an artist, I would love to spend my time creating rather than dealing with something as complicated as SEO. Very interesting results so far!

  • Lakhatri

    Nice post….
    Thank you for the post..

  • Great question. I am a TypePad user and wan to improve some of the navigation and design. I'm considering hiring TypePad to do some of that. I'd also like to see if there are any great recommendations coming out of this survey.

    shopping for talent in this virutal world, without a strong recommendation is like shopping for good friends to me… I'd rather do it in person!

    Gail Sussman Miller
    http://www.inspiredchoice.com (my blogsite!)

  • Gail, thank you for the comment.

    Have you consider moving your blog to WordPress? I think it will be a lot easier to find help in those areas. Don't worry about losing your content in the move because you can migrate it. Just a thought…

    In regards to recommendations, I sometimes write a follow up post if I consider there is room for valuable content. I'll give it a couple of more days to see the results.

  • I would like to outsource the writing of the articles. I do not do well with that. I know the content is important, but it is very hard for me to do.

  • I would like to outsource all of it but, I would not make the amount of money I need.

  • I would like to outsource anything that has to do with me writing. It does not come easy for me. I think that I should play to my strengths.

  • Or at least aspects of the work load it represents?

  • Suzettes

    It’s a good decision. Keep up, I enjoyed my time here.