Blogging Struggles… And The Advice To Overcome Them

Blogging Struggles And The Advice To Overcome Them Last week I posted the Poll “What Is Your Biggest Struggle In Blogging?” and with your participation, this week we’re doing a come back with quick advice for each one of those points.

I like doing polls as a way of starting discussions on topics that are important to you, that way it’s not just my point of view. So first, thank you all for being part of it and second, feel free to use the comments section to express your thoughts. Maybe you have something to add or you simply disagree, it’s all good baby!

Also, please let me know if you have any ideas for future polls.

Poll Results

Here are the results from last week. I can actually relate to that. My biggest issue is not so much establishing the frequency, which was pretty hard before, but taking it to the next level. I have been publishing 2 posts per week and wish I could jump to 3. I have published 3 posts in one week before and the results are very good.

Blogging Struggles Poll Results

So let’s dive right into it, here are the options on the poll and the advice to overcome them [in order of importance]:

Establishing frequency on content publishing

  • Create an editorial calendar. Decide what you want to do on a weekly basis, how many posts, what kinds, what days and even times.
  • Create content in advance. If you’re too busy during the week, try to prepare all your content on the weekend before.
  • Look into other ways of publishing content, guest posts or even aggregation can help you increase your frequency or cover up when you didn’t have time to create something original.

Engaging Readers to comment

  • Call-to-Action. If you don’t tell people what you want them to do, they don’t do anything.
  • Finish your posts with an open question. Ask readers to provide their opinions on the subject.
  • Leave room for discussion, if you have already covered everything there is nothing else for your reader to add.

Getting ideas for new content topics

  • Get out of your circle. Make sure you have moments to step out of your niche and consume other type of content. Great ideas for original content are often triggered when you hang out outside your usual fields.
  • Read your competitors, not to copy them but to see how the industry is moving and what kind of content is being published out there.
  • Subscribe to feeds to get content from different sources on a regular basis.

Converting readers into prospects

  • Again, Call-To-Action in the right places. Make sure your offer is strategically positioned as part of the blog layout.
  • Clean-up. Eliminate all the noise. If you are a published author trying to increase book sales, avoid filling up your site with AdSense ads.
  • Have a strategy for free and premium content. Determine what is part of your content marketing efforts and what is for sale as a service.

Finding my own writing style

  • Read blogs with different styles. There are people out there with amazing writing skills and styles that sometimes you end up reading them even if the topic has nothing to do with what you do. Find these people.
  • Usually your writing style gets buried by trying to craft longer posts or trying to sound sophisticated. Just be yourself, be clear and keep it short.
  • Make sure that style goes hand-to-hand with your objectives and your readership.

Making the content shareable

  • Have all the necessary tools available in each post. Retweet and Facebook Likes buttons, sharing systems such as ShareThis or plugins like Sexy Bookmarks. Make it easy for people.
  • Pay attention to what kind of content gets shared a lot on different social platforms.
  • Write a killer headline and a killer first paragraph, sometimes that’s all people read in order to give you a retweet.

Your Turn…

There are many other aspects to blogging, add some of them to the comments sections so we can discuss them. It could be maybe the technical side of it, not getting any traffic, whatever is a struggle to you.

Happy Blogging!

  • Great article, Francisco! It inspires me to overcome some of my recent blogging challenges and get “back in the game.”

  • Good to hear that Carrie, how's everything going?

  • some kick-ass nuggets here.
    I especially like “getting outside of your niche” – I nowadays get most of my inspiration from reading BoingBoing and watching Animes. My biggest struggle is always the crazy amount of time I need to create my articles. English isn't my native language, so it's a deluxe challenge. How long do you need for a post, Francisco, and how do you keep the pace ?

  • Dude, English is my second language so it takes me forever, then images and stuff like that makes even worst. I would be much easier if I could just write a piece in one hour…

    What helps a little is first structure what I want to do on a piece of paper…

  • Don't feel bad Francisco, English is my first language and it takes me forever to write a post!

  • Reeder Rose

    I like the advice on killer title and killer first sentence. Also trends are key. Francisco are you familar with open salon blog… They just added some wonderful new features..

  • Sounds familiar, I'll check it out.

  • Thanks Mike, that's a relief…

  • JPalomino

    Great tips for keeping up blogging! It all boils down to reaching out to our readers, or possible readers if we still don't have much following. We need to keep our ideas and perspectives fresh, and find our own little place to speak in the world wide web.

    I guess one good thing that really works for anyone who wants to keep blogging or start a blog is the openness of those who have written ahead of others. It's posts such as this one that encourages more writing, more blogging, and ultimately more exchanges of ideas to happen. Thanks and keep it up!

  • Thank you JP, in the last few months I have been observing very creative ways to engage the reader into participating, I think we will see big changes in the way we blog in the next year or so.

    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.

  • Sheila

    Thanks, Francisco – As always – very helpfu.

    I especially struggle with finding my own voice. I can be intimidated when reading others' posts who write so well! However, I trust I will improve and speaking from the heart is always the key, right?

  • Absolutely! you can't go wrong…

  • Francisco, this is an excellent post! I like the way you used that bold color to call out the subheads and the organization of the material makes it easy to skim. The suggestions are so practical and so helpful. Well done.

    And thanks! 😉

  • There is always room to improve for everyone, fresher or experienced….so keep it improving when it comes to me

  • Hi Francisco – I guess I can echo the engaging readers struggle – many of my readers say it's their biggest challenge. I would say that it's so important to develop the right readership. When the right people are reading a blog and it is relevant to them, they will engage with the blogger and with the content. But when the wrong people are reading it, it will be evident, because no one will interact with the blog. I'd say developing the readership is the longest yard in blogging.

  • Thanks, Francisco. I can cook up a storm, but all this blogging and technical stuff would be impossible for me without guys like you! I'm definitely going to try some of these ideas. I'd love to be able to engage my readers in a dialogue more often. I only post once a week, Friday mornings, and will end this Friday's post with a question.

  • Hey Jean, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. It is definitely not the same to be a blogger that blogs about blogging… I think there are cases where some of these tasks should be outsourced so the individual can not only focus on his/her career but become better at it…

    Maybe not the actual content creation but the more technical stuff. Great blog by the way!

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  • I think that everyone has this same problem. It is nice that there are sites that will help people with them.

  • all this problem is familiar especially to those who just learn about blogging

  • I have published 3 posts in one week before and the results are very good.

  • Maybe you have something to add or you simply disagree, it’s all good baby!

  • So first, thank you all for being part of it and second, feel free to
    use the comments section to express your thoughts. Maybe you have
    something to add or you simply disagree, it’s all good baby!