Snapshot Of Your Social Media Presence [Part 4]: Impact

Measuring Social Media Impact Are you showing up or are you making an impact?

You can enter a room full of people and be completely invisible. Translated to online marketing that will be like setting up a static website and leave it there to act as a digital business card and that my friends, it’s soooo ten years ago.

The truth is that a company is having an impact either way, intended or unintended, even by being absent. Can you measure impact? Today I’m rolling out the 4th installment of the series “Snapshot Of Your Social Media Presence” and we’ll discuss exactly that, impact.

Oh, and… I promise not to use the word “Viral”.

Managing Impact [The 4-Step Formula]

Step 1: Show Up

Because at least you get a chance to create, express or even to redeem yourself. By not showing up you already run with better changes to have a negative impact. You have no control.

Step 2: What’s needed in the space?

Listen and you will understand what your network [community or tribe] needs. Can you solve a problem? Can you create something remarkable right in that moment?

Step 3: Follow that urge

There is an instinct, it’s perfect in form and timing, commit to take action on it. Can you be wrong? of course you can!

Step 4: Be responsible for your impact

Stay! wait for the reaction. Take all the glory or be present to take the heat and run your “Damage Control” strategy.

So What Are We Measuring Again?

Some of the things you should look at when analyzing social media impact are:

  • Is whatever you or your company creates being shared? how much? and where?
  • Is social media helping you or your company have an impact? Are people coming to your site because of it?
  • What’s the sentiment when people mention you?
  • Who is mentioning your brand?


First, lets see if your content is shared, how much and where. You can very easily create a table on a spreadsheet and visualize by piece of content you create, something similar to what we did in “Snapshot Of Your Social Media Presence [Part 2]: Content Performance“.

Content Impact on Social Sites

Is Social Media Driving Traffic To Your Site?

Why traffic? Because that is direct impact you create. Social media does not convert, it is an attraction tool. You don’t close a sale on Twitter but I can either click on your link… or not.

Go to your Google Analytics > Traffic Sources to gather the numbers coming from social networks, bookmarking sites, Twitter, etc.

Traffic Sources From Social Sites

Tweets, Retweets and Click-Throughs

They are not the same thing, a person that follows a link to the site doesn’t necessarily tweets or retweets. They are all important if you are trying to measure the impact on the information you share, even when you are sharing content from other sources.

The one thing I will strongly suggest in order to get consistent data in one place is to use one short url service and stick to it. is probably your best bet to track click-throughs. In the following image I’m showing you results for the post 7 Examples Of Kick-Ass Personal Branding, which I posted just 2 days ago. It shows that there were 122 clicks so far on the url I created, however, there are 718 clicks on urls created by others.

I will get my Retweets from other sources but right here you can also see that there were 19 “shares” and 13 “likes” on Facebook, 17 comments and 0 shares on Friendfeed as well as the regional stats. Measuring Social Media Impact

When it comes to Retweets, compare different sources, see how in this case Topsy and Tweetmeme don’t match…

Topsy vs. Tweetmeme

This is not unusual by the way.

Not All Mentions Are Created Equally


According to the tools, your impact can be positive, negative or neutral. I think there is no such thing as “neutral”, sure, we can count a tweet that has not clear positive or negative content as neutral but if a person is retweeting you, that’s positive. If somebody said you have a “killer” product, that is kick-ass positive, unless you live in 1956…

Not having impact at all is not neutral, that’s negative.

You have many options to measure sentiment, depending of your needs, there are paid services or there are free ones (Read: 6 Tools For Twitter Sentiment Tracking), those are the free ones.


I’ll give you an example of influence and how it can dramatically affect the outcome. This image shows a tweet from Blair Semenoff (Flipbooks) sharing a post from SocialMouths (7 Ways To Stay Connected To Facebook). There are 2 important elements here, Blair gets retweeted like there’s no tomorrow so this resulted on multiple layers of RT’s…

Flipbooks Blair Semenoff

The other thing is that SocialMouths is not mentioned on the tweet, this means that while all this activity is awesome, it is invisible to you. In order to have access to this kind of data you need a service like UberVu. Look at the next image displaying all the tweets about this post, do you see the name SocialMouths?

UberVu Email Alerts

Find ways to get shared and retweeted by influential people in your niche because not all mentions are worth the same. Can you get your post featured on HolyKaw? what blogs or sites are relevant in your industry that can feature you?

Final Thought

Creating a positive impact is easier when there is transparency and honesty, for yourself or the company. When you have those elements, negative impact is also easier to deal with. Establish the metrics and the tools you need but don’t forget that you decide what is considered positive and what is negative.

Now It’s Your Turn…

How do you measure impact? what tools or metrics are you using? Or more importantly, are you aware of your impact and if so, is it intended or unintended? Share your thoughts in the comments sections.

Happy impacting (I guess…)

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  • Great post man. I have also been thinking about creating spreadsheets and so forth and I like the idea how you did it with social media traffic. Keep it up 😉

  • Thanks Julius, my next post will talk more about that. Hey, you're a contributor for FamousBloggers, right?

    Just followed you on Twitter, stay in touch.

  • Shaila

    Francisco – Great post. While, seeing how many times your message gets shared is good, it is even more important to identify who are those influencers / ampifiers for your messages. And, as you say “all mentions are not equal”, same goes for influencers. So, you have to know who are the influencers for “your” brands. And, it is worth mentioning that ObjectiveMarketer ( tells you exactly this and more.

  • You are absolutely right Shaila, I love how OM gives you visibility of those influencers and the levels of RT's.

    Thanks for stopping by =)

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  • how to measure direct traffic….or may be if we add phone number with our social media business and if those are direct business calls…