Snapshot Of Your Social Media Presence [Part 2]: Content Performance

Social Media Content Performance How is your original content performing out there on the social web? How is the user interacting with it? or, what is the life of your posts?

This is part 2 of the series “Snapshot Of Your Social Media Presence“, a few days ago I published Part 1: The Hub in which we talked about different measurements for your blog or site.

Today we’ll look into content performance and as I said previously, probably my favorite one when it comes to metrics.


So let’s start with the “Why” it is important to track how your content performs:

  • To see what kind of posts are consumed by your audience.
  • How readers are engaging with it.
  • The social platforms your visitors are using to share that content.

In this case I wanted to do an exercise I totally stole from Kristi Hines over at Kikolani and her post “Google PageRank Update – Internal Pages and Top Content Analysis“. You will need to gather information from different sources to put a table like this together but then we’ll look at some available tools that do something similar for you.

Here is the criteria included in the table: PR = PageRank (you can install an extension on your browser that will give you the PR on any url), PV = PageViews, Pr = PostRank Engagement Points (we’ll talk about PostRank in a second), CM = Comments, RT = Retweets, FB = Facebook shares, DE = Delicious bookmarks and CT = Click-throughs (I’m using data for this).

[table id=1 /]

Notice that there are a couple of posts missing the PageRank, it is probably because they’re too recent.

This can help you visualize things like how a topic performs on different social media channels, it’s pretty obvious in this table that no matter how popular a post about Twitter tools can get overall, it will not perform as good on Facebook. See what kind of posts motivate more comments or more tweets.

Also, notice how “One size fits all” just doesn’t apply…


When it comes to content I will say that PostRank is a tool you should consider having, mostly because it does some of the work for you and it puts it all together on a beautiful dashboard.

PostRank doesn’t just gather data from different places, it also has its own rating system for posts using “Engagement Points”. Here is what you can see in the following image:

  • This is the analysis of one post.
  • The integration of Google Analytics to provide pageviews, visits, bounce rate and average time.
  • The engagement events separated by type including Comments, Tweets, Diggs, etc.
  • The chart displaying the Engagement Points and Pageviews over time giving you a great visual of the life of that piece of content.

I wanted to use this particular image to show you something. The post “10 Twitter Tools To Help You Track And Perform Better” was published on December 9 last year, notice how it finally dies completely at the beginning of February this year but wait… it comes back to life at the end of March, almost 2 months later.

It was a simple tweet. Turns out the dead horse was just sleeping… the point is that you have visibility to analyze it.

This next image is what they call “Engagement Trends”, it shows you the big picture over the last 3 months, the regional stats and the “Engagement Sources”.

PostRank Engagement Trends


Another way to get a good idea on the performance is to track reactions. UberVu tracks them from Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed and commenting systems like Disqus or IntenseDebate on specific url’s.

Also, you have the option to export this data on a CVS format to play with it on a spreadsheet.

UberVu Track Content Reactions

Google Analytics / Content Performance

Of course Google Analytics will provide you with the traffic stats for each URL on your site. There is no need to visit two places if you have PostRank and you’re trying to measure posts on your blog. Visit the section “Content” on your dashboard.

Google Analytics Content Performance

You can sort data however you want.

Your Own Analytics On A Spreadsheet

This is something very easy to create on a spreadsheet, what’s going to take a little longer is getting all the data together. As I said in the previous post, the advantage of doing this is getting full visibility of your data in one place, on the other hand, your spreadsheet doesn’t get the information or updates it automatically.

Here is an example:

Content Performance an a Spreadsheet

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Now It’s Your Turn…

Are you a content marketer? Are you expecting your content to attract prospects to your blog? How are you tracking its performance? What tools do you use? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Happy Analyzing!

  • Thanks for including PostRank, and for such a comprehensive project. It's cool, too, to see the range of options laid out — not everyone needs to can afford enterprise-class monitoring and measurement.

    One interesting thing about the graph showing Engagement Events and Engagement Points (especially in conjunction with the Engagement Sources graph) is that it really gives you a feel for your existing audience. High Points and low Events shows a more engaged audience — more folks are taking the time to do higher engagement activities like commenting (which are worth a lot more engagement points). High Events and low Points might show more activity, but it's more little things like a tweet here or a bookmark there, perhaps less an indication of a dedicated audience or cohesive community.

    Anyway, thanks again. And, indeed, Happy Analyzing. 🙂

  • Its nice tool and i have used it….thanks for have it mention on this blog and i cam reading about this here………………Will be looking for more tools like this

  • Thanks for stopping by, happy to mention a service that I truly use on a daily basis, sometimes even saves me the trip to Google Analytics…

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  • Thanks for sharing these useful information! Hope that you will continue doing nice article like this.

  • Today we’ll look into content performance and as I said previously, probably my favorite one when it comes to metrics.

  • This is a great tool – Google Analytics rocks