How To Manage Your Twitter Following And Followers

tweetbird Are you truly aware of who’s following you or not? The mutual relationships? Or who is worth following and who’s not?

In this post we will review the importance of managing your following/followers on Twitter and a couple of tools to create a painless process to do so.

But let’s start from the beginning…

Why Do You Need To Worry About This?

2-Way Street

Social media in general is a 2-way street, what’s the point of listening to somebody that doesn’t listen to you. Unless there is a person you are interested in following for different reasons and don’t really care about a mutual connection, you shouldn’t follow. As Chris Brogan stated in one of his recent posts, not everything is about engagement, there are people worth listening to without having a 2-way street.

Healthy Followers To Following Ratio

First impressions are also important in the social web. A person that’s following more people that he/she has followers, gives the impression to be in the game for the numbers or using mass-following strategies. Nobody is interested in a user like this. You should keep your ratio at a maximum of 1 to 1.

Get Rid Of The Deadbeats

It is hard enough to keep up as it is, why should you be carrying relationships with people that are not even present. Specially with Twitter, many people signup to never come back after a month. Keep it as clean as you can. Reduce the noise as much as possible.

Why Do You Need A 3rd Party Application?

Basically, lack of visibility. How else can you tell who’s who when you can see the big picture. Some 3rd-party apps provide you with that visibility making it very easy to identify the meaningful relationships, the influencers, active users and also the deadbeats or people that are not interested on who you are.


Tweepi, a free application from Thoughtpick, is a management tool that provides with that visibility in four different sections:

  • Geeky Follow – Where you can follow interesting people.
  • Flush – Displays all the users that you are following but don’t follow you back so you can unfollow.
  • Reciprocate – Lists of all the 2-way connections, in other words, mutual relationships.
  • Cleanup –  An analysis of the people you follow, pointing out the relationship status. Is it a mutual relationship or are you following them and they don’t follow you back?

So what’s so special about this? Tweepi filters and sorts data by different types of criteria, for example, you can see who has more reach and influence by how many times a person is retweeted by others, who has higher followers to following ratio, who’s more conversational by the number of replies or even the frequency by looking at how many tweets in the last 7 days.



The other tool I’ll mention is ReFollow, from Originate Labs. A similar but more visual approach and not providing as much detail per user. Also, there are a couple of additional filters, one I find very important is the people that has mentioned you.

The search is another cool feature offered in this tool. You can search for terms within the name, bio or last tweets of a user. A great way to find relevant people.

You can also sort people by Tweet Count, Follow Count and Friend Count.


Final Thought

Find relevant people to follow, focus on true relationships and clear the noise from your stream. The tools are there, give them a try or add your favorite one on the comments section.

Happy following! or unfollowing… whatever.

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  • fayazuc


  • You share some wonderful tools that help me make my twitter so easy to use.

  • JFA

    Hi Francisco!

    Many thanks for the tools, they seem really useful.

    With reference to the 1 to 1 ratio, that's something I am not very convinced. Naturally I have contacts who I engage with, and that's great, but I follow other users because they are valuable sources of information for me and I don't really care if they following me back or not. I guess that it depends on the use that anyone gives to Twitter.

    Greetings from Spain 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing these finds! I will give them a try.
    What are your thoughts on SocialOomph (
    I use this tool since a month now and it offers great support to manage my followers.

  • zach_philip

    very good post! i learnt a lot of new things about twitter. for more tips and tricks, you can also read

  • I can't disagree more on trying to keep a 1:1 ratio. When I see someone's following more people than are following them, I also may get the impression that they're actually interested in what other people have to say and aren't only following people who follow them back.

    If they're following a ridiculous number of people then yes, I'll wonder if they're some bot using tools.

  • Of course, you are right and I think you should make your own rules in the game. I'm talking about how you can give a good impression in general, if I want to follow you, I will probably don't care about your numbers but if I just come across you, I might get the wrong impression.

  • Thanks for the kind words Sandy, I'm glad I can be of help.

  • Hi there Francisco!

    Such a great article — thank you so much; I plan to share it with 2 of my clients next week who could really benefit from this information.

    My one question to you is . . . did you mean to say “How else can you tell who’s who when you *CAN'T* see the big picture. “? Or am I reading that sentence incorrectly?

  • zooni

    cool one

  • Thanks for the great tools. I've been looking for something like this for a while. But all the ones I pulled up were outdated or not user friendly. These are great!

  • I've been looking for tools like theese. Thankyou for sharing. I look forward to try them out. Do they have something similar for iphone ?

    Sven Olaf

  • ember

    i have been reading your blog over the last month and have been finding it genuinely informative. thanks for everything.

  • No, thank you Ember for participating and for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it.

  • This is a useful post ! I tried out tweepi and it is good. Need to work on my tweeting skillz then !

  • Thanks for the tips

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  • Thanks so much, I always check out your suggestions and save them for when I have alittle time to set things up,. You make learning all this networking stuff much easier, thanks

  • your blog is just an inspiration. been a follower. picked up a lot. hope to catch up, just getting started to immerse myself more into social media. thanks a lot.

  • @djeddiez

    Just what I needed. Thanks!

  • michaelmalazarte

    I personally have not been on Twitter very long but I have managed to quickly get quite an impressive following. I have a post on my blog on the same topic