10 Steps For Self Promotion

self promotion Do you need to promote your own content? If you are NOT Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan or Gary Vaynerchuck, the answer will be yes.

Will you ever get to the point where others share your content and you can forget about self-promotion to focus on other, more meaningful stuff?

Of course, in the meantime we gotta hustle. Creating great content means nothing if nobody can see it, in fact, great content will work for you but only if you put it in front of the right people.

Do you feel funny about promoting yourself? You should if that’s all you do. Let’s get that out of the way from the start, if you only have time to promote yourself, print yourself some flyers at your local Office Depot and pass them around.

Here is a 10 step process for self-promotion. Participate and share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section.

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1. Make Your Content Easy To Share

This is a topic that should probably have its own blog post but let’s at least touch on a few items:

  • Get the focus out of yourself, think of how to write something that is useful for your visitor.
  • Write stuff that people like to share, for this you probably need to listen and pay attention to content in your industry.
  • Have the necessary tools in place so people can share this content from your posts.

2. Have A Strategy

Don’t go out there blind, know exactly what you’re going to do, when, where and how. Write a quick checklist of all the activities to complete on the day you publish a post. Where are you going to post your article? are you going to do it in the morning? how many times? Is it worth trying to be in as many places as possible or are going to focus on only a few? This will help you have a clear picture and achieve better results.

3. Schedule Everything

Everything should be scheduled. Do your homework, you should know what are the best days to publish content, I find that Mondays and Wednesdays have been better for me but this can be different for you. Be specific, get it down to times, it might be better to post in the morning or afternoon. Consider other time zones.

Your social promotion should also be scheduled, some people say it’s better to tweet between 3pm to 4pm, I’ve seen better results. Depending on the number of tweets per day you might consider posting your message twice that day. Consider using scheduling tools to spread your messages during the day.

4. Your Main Social Networks

A must. If you’re not promoting your content on the main social networks, you are missing out on the biggest traffic sources out there. Make sure your post is at the top of your wall, your Twitter and make sure you don’t ignore LinkedIn. If your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles are not connected and feeding each other automatically, do it manually.

social networks

5. Bookmarking Your Post

Bookmark everything. Your checklist should include submitting your blog post to Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and even Google Bookmarks. Also, take in consideration other services that might be relevant, you can include Mixx and others, just don’t go crazy about this, some networks will not do anything for you.

You should also get familiar with the etiquette on some of these services.

6. Join Blog Networks

Some blog networks such as Blogged or NetworkedBlogs can also provide additional visitors. These two I’m mentioning here can also be integrated to your Facebook as applications. You don’t need to spend too much time here, just set them up.

7. Niche Communities And Additional Networks

Identify additional networks and smaller communities within your niche. Every industry has one or two dedicated networks, if you are in the food or design sectors for example, there are plenty of social platforms and communities you should be involved with.

8. Get Out Of Your Blog

You already did the work inside your blog, spent a few hours preparing your post, getting a nice picture, etc. Now it’s time to come out, the only reason to comeback to your blog is to respond to comments but most of your efforts are to be allocated somewhere else. Make comments on other blogs, interact with your community on other platforms, get out. Now!

Share others. Yeah, I said “others”. Don’t look at me like that…

9. Be Very Active

Plan to spend more time online on the days you’re publishing content, be more active, tweet more. Be present. Have your Twitter client open.

10. Create A Support Group

One thing that can help your content with a little push is having others share it with their networks, if you can have previous agreements with a few people. In some cases this is kind of unspoken and it just happens organically, it has to be a small group. In my case, I know I can count with at least a few Tweets, Facebook shares and a couple of Diggs. I do the same for these people.



This time I thought I would share a few blog posts I enjoyed on the topic of self-promotion…


How Do You Promote Yourself?

Share in the comments sections if you do some of these or if you have your own way of doing it…

  • It's well evident to us that social networking can do so much for us daily, if we manage to keep ourselves active, engaging. On top of all these wonderful ideas, I must say we are forced to train for better time management. 🙂 Plan ahead and get strategized. Otherwise we can easily get overwhelmed.

    Again, a good read. Time to review my networking plan as I re-digest every point.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  • laurademeo

    Francisco– It seems like all your blog posts are so timely! I have been sharing other people's content. Meanwhile, it has taken me a while to get my own blog… and fan page up. One of the reasons is I subconsciously feel funny about self-promoting, though I see people do it a lot –which I think is great (and much better if you do have great info. to share) I love sharing great content.

    I like your comment about having a small group share each others information. I think this is one of the best ways to get your name out there without having to rely on self promotion. Interesting though that I have seen a bunch of syndication groups pop up everywhere– the idea is to syndicate other people stuff. The problem is that most people are randomly syndicating. I personally need to really like the content before I can share.

    So what is the best way to promote a brand new fan page?


  • #8 is the big one: get out of your own blog. Read, comment, link and RT the content of others. “Reciprocity.” ITA It's good to share.

    #9 is the next biggie to me, staying active. Your content won't promote itself, and while you DON'T want to be all “ME, ME” even part of the time, you have to join networks and communities (#4, 6, 7, 10) and be active on those networks for your efforts to work.

  • I hear'ya. My issue is not getting overwhelmed but getting distracted…

    It really help to get there with a strategy or at least a checklist.

  • Hi Laura, syndication has been a topic these last few days. There is a good post I read yesterday, let me see if I can find it.

    Regarding your first point, I think we need to find a balance between promoting others, self promotion, being conversational, etc.

  • Hello Davina, you're right, #8 doesn't always make sense to people.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Good solid, straightforward advice. Nice share.

  • ladyumbrella

    Agree completely with everything you say here. From the social media side of things you have to interact and actually enjoy doing it I think. If it is not genuine then people have an uncanny ability of picking up on that and won't follow or fan..just my .02..all the best..

  • 10 is great! I'm in the process of joining a TRIBE for my niche. We can help each other grown and get our content out there. For some of the members it has been bit of a coup. Sorry, I couldn't resist that. It has been extremely helpful for many tribe members in their blogging efforts.