Sharing Content (Anatomy Of A Tweet And A Retweet)

There are 2 ways of sharing content on Twitter. This is a very basic and visual guide of how to do this properly:

Crafting Your Own Tweet

It’s not the same as just Retweeting something, in this case you are writing the tweet from scratch, usually when you find a post at a blog and you want to share it.

Just Retweeting

What Are We looking At Here?

Piece of content

  • Usually the headline of the post you’re sharing.
  • You can also use your own phrase, just make it relevant. Don’t mislead.

Credit the source

  • Critical piece of the tweet.
  • Make sure you’re crediting the source.
  • Common mistake: Leaving a space in between the “@” and the name. Why is this so important? Because it becomes a link to that person’s Twitter account.

The URL Link

  • Also very important.
  • Use a short URL. Do not post the whole address.
  • Get familiar with short URL services.
  • You want a recommendation?

The Hashtag

  • Totally optional.
  • Have some balance if you use them, not every single tweet needs one and don’t use 3 hastags in one tweet. Looks like you’re writing code…
  • Again, no spaces in the middle or the the whole point of using a hashtag is lost.
  • I’ll share this video if you want to know more: “There’s a #Hashtag for that” from Baratunde Thurston, which is also very funny.

The Role Of The Short URL

  • Besides just having 140 characters in the tweet…
  • It’s a great way to measure your performance.
  • Track your clicks. Even if you’re sharing other people’s content you still want to know how you’re doing.
  • See what your network appreciates as good content and share more of the same.
  • Try sticking with one service so you have visibility of your performance in one place.
  • Find the one that fits your needs.

Sharing Is Damn Sexy…

It doesn’t matter what your style is as long as you keep some basic elements in there but what’s really important is that you share. Share information with your network to become a good resource and support good content at the same time.

What are your thoughts?