Make Your Blog iPhone-Friendly

iphone I’m not talking about turning your blog into an iPhone application but rather making it more friendly for the iPhone browser. In other words, when a user is visiting your blog from the device.

This is done for WordPress blogs with a very simple and free plugin called WPTouch (created by Brave New Code) that you can install and configure yourself in just a few minutes. There is nothing else to it, you do everything from your WordPress dashboard.

You can also download the plugin here.

If you are looking into having an actual application built out of your blog, there are services like MotherApp or iSites that can do that for less than $100/year.

I’m sharing some images here so you can get a better idea of how it looks and works. The first image shows the homepage (left) and how it actually looks like an app. To the right is the post, it displays all images and… yes, the tweetmeme button works!

Yes, this is all happening in the browser. Other features that are very useful are the access to the RSS and the menus, in the next image (right), I’m showing how “Categories” are displayed.

The commenting system, Disqus in this case, is fully functional.

Final Thought

What is the point of all this? We are moving into making ourselves available in different forms, if you can turn your blog into a more user-friendly format for your readers AND for free… why not?

Share your thoughts.


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  • This is an awesome tip for anyone using WordPress. I can't even tell you how many times I've been browsing different sites on my phone (usually after following a link from Twitter) and said, “Ugh, I wish they had a mobile version of their site! It's so hard to read!”. With the growing number of people able to surf the web via their phones, it seems that it should be a normal practice for sites to have a mobile-friendly version. Kind of like how developers test for different browsers, they should now add mobile in the mix.

  • I think it's happening Rachel, slowly. I work with @pluralnpartners on interactive projects for major brands and it's usual now to discuss mobile versions. It's time now for small biz and indies to have access too, specially when it becomes affordable and so easy to implement.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Thanks for sharing this. Great plug-in. Very easy to install and customize. It is indeed important how well we present ourselves on different devices and formats. User interface and ease of use are essential to the online brand image we project.

  • Thank you Joe! Did you install it on your blog?

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  • Thanks so much ! Enjoy. And we’ve got lots of good things planned for the plugin going forward… so look out : )

  • I have wordpress installed on my blog and the default theme which is called Twenty Ten works brilliantly on the phone. I think the best way to achieve an iphone-friendly blog is to make it simple and possibly have a light background to go with it.

  • Nice one. I have stumbled and twittered this for my friends. Hope others find it as interesting as I did.