10 Reasons Why I Use HootSuite… And You Should Too

hootsuite If I’m already using social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, why do I need a third-party application?

Valid question, and I’m usually opposed to using too many things. I also enjoy the time I spend on the actual sites, but in this case, I will give you 10 reasons why I love HootSuite and why you should give it a try.

I have only one rule about technology usage. I play with most toys because of what I do (and because I’m a guy…), but to actually implement it into my daily action , it has to simplify instead of complicate. I think this provides a good starting point, to the list now…

1. Web-Based

Nothing to download or install, which also means that you don’t have to launch it and wait for it to load on your machine. Pretty simple, anything web-based is just more convenient.

2. Multiple Accounts

Not only you can manage multiple Twitter accounts in one place but with just one click you have total visibility of the next account. You can also post a tweet to a specific account, to more than one or to all your accounts at the same time.

3. Ow.ly

owly HootSuite has its own URL Shortener so you don’t have to setup any preferences for that or get an API from. Again, make my life easier… You can also use Ow.ly as a separate tool and you just need to sign in with your Twitter account.

The other cool feature about Ow.ly is that you can post pictures and file sharing, and video is coming soon. Of course you can enjoy these items also on HootSuite.

4. Facebook, LinkedIn And Others

The latest update is the integration of other social networks including Facebook (Profiles and Fan Pages), LinkedIn and Ping.fm, which should take care of the rest. You can update your status and send it to the networks of your choice the same way you post to Twitter.

Also, you have access to viewing the Facebook news feed, your Fan Page wall and your LinkedIn Network Updates without ever leaving the application. Very useful for a quick look.

5. Stats

stats As long as you are using the Ow.ly shortener, HootSuite tracks all the clicks and creates very useful charts to analyze your performance.

This is a great tool to visualize how many times followers click on an specific link, referral and regional stats and the most popular links you have posted. This last one helps you determine what kind of content is your tribe digging the most so you can follow that trend.

6. Hootlet

Hootlet is the little browser plugin that adds a button to your bookmark toolbar and lets you share content from anywhere on the web. This means that you don’t even need to go to the website when you find something worth posting.

Also, installation is as easy as dragging the button to the bookmark toolbar.

7. Schedule For Later

HootSuite also lets you schedule your Tweet or Status to be posted later, this way you can plan your social activity and also makes changes before they go live. Think about this for a second, what if you have a post that’s scheduled to go live on your blog tomorrow morning, you could also schedule the links to publish automatically on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms just after that. Now you can sleep until noon (just a thought…)

8. Interface

Have your own personal setup. The use of columns, which I should say it’s not exclusive, is a great way to visualizing all your Twitter activity without having to navigate to other pages. Again, less clicks. This is something you can customize to your needs, you can display the feed, your own Tweets, direct messages, mentions, really whatever you want and in the order you want.

Everything is accessible within one click, whether you want to look at a different account or a different social network.


9. Twitter List

With new features like Twitter Lists, the possibilities of adding other columns have also been included to the interface. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with information if you follow a lot of people, Twitter now helps you classify information into groups called “Lists”. HootSuite has now added the feature and you can separate these lists into columns.

10. iPhone App

iphone Not out yet, but it’s coming very soon. You will be able to manage multiple accounts, schedule your social activity and more from the palm of your hand. There is your location independence baby…

So To Wrap It Up…

There are other applications and it really comes down to what works for you. If you prefer a desktop app or if you are looking for other features, what matters is that it simplifies your day.

What are you using? Share your thoughts…


  • marksmith74

    I think integration, aggregation and filtration are all aspects of things to come in social networking. With so much information flow, Wadja.com is a good example of what's coming. It has created a label system which allows users to organise their social content, uses intelligent aggregation of Tweets and videos from YouTube to 'filter' out the noise of the web and provide all the social content you actually want in one place. A labeled forum then also allows real-time conversations to take place and creating communities through topics of interest. The cherry on the cake is that it is based on an open network philosophy allowing one to log in using their Twitter account, which I believe they will also open up to facebook connect and Google friend connect which will make things much easier for users. Nice.

  • davebrose

    You present a compelling case. I've been hesitant to try any of these tools precisely out of concern that they would just make things more complicated for an old dog like me for whom this is all new. But, knowing in the back of my mind that there must be a tool that works as you describe, I think I'll give it whirl.

  • Hey Mark, thanks for stopping by and for the recommendation, I'm definitely checking it out today…

  • Hey Dave, thanks for the comment. Once you start using an application like this one you'll feel more comfortable, especially with Twitter. AND, I'm always here if you need to ask something, I'm happy to help…

  • dianreid

    That's it. I'm dumping TweetDeck. Thanks for the nudge. =)

  • LOL… I actually like TweetDeck. I use it on my phone but I don't like applications running on my desktop, too many things open already.

    Hey, don't forget to install the Hootlet, you'll love it…

  • dianreid

    Yeah, I like TD too, just think the web-based Hoot will work better for me. Also, in getting everything set up on HS, I noticed that I can have my blog posts automatically tweeted (and posted to FB or LI if I so choose). Rock it!

  • I've been using Seesmic, but I started playing with Hootsuite a few days ago. There's MUCH to like! I love the fact it's web-based, has a built-in URL shortner and has terrific stats tracking (which is a pain to do otherwise).

    Right on! Will be playing with it more in the days to come… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • One reason not to use: must use twitter's password. Nowadays I minimize using my password in third-party services, and it's about time HootSuite switch the twitter authentication to Oauth

  • mrhandley

    I started using it this week and think it works great.

    One thing thats missing (that socialoomph.com has is that you can email @ mentions digests to a specified account. Itยดs a great feature, wivh miss.Otherwise superb! It is extremely easy to set up searches, and to post from different acconts.


  • Hello Mattias, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll make sure to try it this week.

  • Hello Mattias, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll make sure to try it this week.

  • Hootsuite is my ABSOLUTE FAVE! I dumped Tweetdeck a long time ago. People don't understand how I keep up with so many conversations on Twitter and Hootsuite makes it so easy!

  • Thank you Naomi. I know what you mean, people think we spend all day on Twitter…

    Hey, Santa Clarita?! I used to go there every week to play indoor soccer…

  • I Love Santa Clarita! Great weather, great schools, great family community. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I actually had a friend who thought I sat in front of my PC all day & night. LOL I had to say “Honey, there is the invention of the mobile device.”

  • thats a great tool I have been using for a few months now

  • I agree with you I love hootsuite, and I feel bad every time I see that someone sent a tweet from a different client like tweetdeck. The droid app is pretty good too