7 Days To Good Social Media Karma

we is the new me You hear it all the time, “social media is a 2-way channel”, “it’s all about others” or “it’s like a cocktail party…”

All good concepts, but what do you actually do once in front of the screen? Social media is about Karma, I have built a little list of things to do in seven days that can get you some positive vibrations…

Day 1: Don’t Think About What To Say, Just Listen

Most of the time we are focused on what to say. Hell, half the time in a face-to-face conversation, we’re just dying to see the other person finish talking so we can give our very valuable point of view. It is often said in Sales that you can close more deals by listening to your client, because the client is providing you with the necessary tools so you can cover his/her needs. Have you ever been in front of a sales rep that is running his mouth about something you don’t need?

If you listen carefully, you will know exactly what to say and when. It is no different in social media, would you interrupt in the middle of a conversation? Or would you listen first? Besides attention is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give.

Day 2: Visit 2 Blogs And Comment

We all follow at least a couple of blogs. Instead of just enjoying a good read and then surf away, make a comment, interact, provide your opinion. That is exactly the format to do so. If you provide a valuable point, at least one person in the thread will be interested in following you back to your site to see what else you have to say, not to mention the site’s owner.

A simple comment on a blog can be the beginning of a conversation or even a friend or follower.

Day 3: Talk To 2 Complete Strangers

Remember your mom telling you never to talk to strangers? Re-wire your brain. I’m not telling you to go talk to just anybody, in real life you wouldn’t engage in a conversation about Formula 1 if you didn’t know anything about it… Find somebody that shares the same topic, that is involved in the same line of business, stay in your arena.

Exchange ideas. Provide value. Don’t think the other person will reject you, that’s what social media is all about.

Day 4: Share Somebody Else’s Content

There are people in your industry providing very useful content in different kinds of media, stuff that can also be useful to your network. Share it with them. There are a few benefits behind this practice starting with the possibility of establishing a new relationship, getting in front of the other person’s network, your network will see you as somebody that’s providing useful resources and of course you are increasing the chances of the favor been returned.

There are different ways of sharing others content, you can Retweet an article, post a link on your Facebook Wall, submit the story to Digg and many other ways. One thing to consider, always make sure you are crediting the right people and you are sharing the original story.

Day 5: Introduce 2 People That You Think Can Benefit From Each Other

This is also a practice that will get you a positive return. Be creative, there are other possibilities besides providing someone with a referral for a sale. You can introduce two people in the same industry, maybe two people that can complement each other or are simply talking about the same topics.

You will be remembered if the relationship takes off.

Day 6: Answer 2 Questions From People You Don’t Know

Questions on any kind of topics are being asked everywhere every day. When you answer a question you are positioning yourself as an expert on the matter and it is a great way of becoming part of the conversation.

How to find these questions? Let me help you with that. Search for existing conversations on whatever topics you wish, you can do this on Twitter or Yahoo! Answers, both good places to find questions. Do it with the intention of providing a service, don’t use it as a promotional vehicle to pitch your services. Provide links to resources.

Day 7: Think About What’s Needed, Not What You Need

You need to contribute to the conversation and want to do it with something of value, if you have been listening, you’ll know how to do that. When you are writing a post on your blog or simply engaging in a conversation in one of the social networks, think of others first, think about how to cover a need.

Make sure you are not using social media just to promote yourself. Do you like that guy that’s always talking about himself and never makes a pause to listen to others? Me neither…

In Other Words…

This thing is more about others than yourself and it sounds a lot like leadership to me. Apply some common sense, this really works as in real life, if you start caring about others they might just start caring about you too…

The other factor that can’t be ignored is the touch of brutal honesty. Represent yourself as yourself.

“People should be impressed by who you are, not because you’re trying to impress them.”

  • carriekish

    Oh, I love this one, Francisco! Excellent tips! So I'm posting a comment, sharing your article with my network (because it's awesome and full of great tips) and introducing you to some of my friends.


  • Thank you Carrie! I'm glad you like it AND also thanks so much for sharing it with your network.

  • krichetan

    Yes, excellent tips, Thank You! And thank you Carrie. I'm glad Im in your network and got to read this, especially today!

  • Thank YOU Kristi for your comment, I'm glad you liked it.

  • deborahdrake

    Another great post Francisco and I see now how come you invited me to in the future guest post on your blog, for we see quite eye to eye on this new and still evolving social animal that social media is.

    I remember how impressed I was immediately with your site and your posts, a mere month ago. I originally commented on a post of yours and connected with you “as a stranger” through the CTI fan page and the rest is history. So talking to strangers and responding genuinely to people brings gifts!

    I am though rather bold about commenting on people's blogs I read–while remaining diplomatic as I am candid. Two days ago, and in the course of a single day, my comments got comments and it got me into an offline conversation with a gentleman from Switzerland and that same day (with 9 hours time difference between us) we were talking via google talk. TECHNOLOGY IS SO COOL!

    Made a new friend and colleague because of that series of comments added to a blog post that activated me. And know of a valuable new resource for measuring the business intelligence of social media.

    Consider this your introduction to Urs E Gattiker of
    http://commetrics.com/about/about-urs/ and please do two things for yourself (or readers of this blog):

    1. register your blog so Commetrics can track your blogs activity etc
    2. drop him an email as he is in search of a designer and I think you could be a good fit – based on what he is looking for.

    He also turned me onto Ziggs, a networking site that might be of interest to you and your readers:


    And count on me to share this and encourage others to track your future writing. For your posts are always spot on and significant contributions and I don't mind at all that you beat me to the punch on content. I'd happily post it as a guest column at my blog if you are cool with that?


  • Dear Deobrah

    Thank you I am embarrassed …. reading this early in the morning

    http://My.ComMetrics.com (register yourself)

    Yes we love to track these blogs and help people benchmark for sure.

    Thank you


  • Francisco

    I have come across this post because of Deborah and I read it twice. Now I have to print it and remind myself every other day that it is like this …. maybe with some moderating factors and I am sure you know them, I am just trying to remind us all 🙂

    All else considered being equal, here they come:

    a) language might affect the way we share, listen, talk about other people's blog and those that we learn about (I don't read Chinese for instance)
    b) some cultures are a bit more formal than others, nevertheless, cyberspace (like a blog) can make it easier for people to share, listen and contribute or participate in the conversation
    c) besides all these nice things I still should take the time to have a real conversation off-line (e.g., sharing a cup of tea and talking
    http://commetrics.com/articles/twitter-wake-up-… )
    with people I know AND
    d) get my work and household chores done

    Great post

    Thank you


  • Great post, I'm still learning a lot from you. I called you “the social media guru” with my friends. Thanks for sharing all this.

  • Thank you Urs. Great points, especially (d)… I agree with you, the conversation at the end will always have to be taken offline to be meaningful. I enjoyed reading your post and am now following you on Twitter.

    Thanks for connecting with me!

  • pmthrift


    This is an excellent piece, a reminder of the importance of listening first, and the distinction between what our needs are (or what we think they are), and what is needed out there. It's all about being in service to something larger than ourselves. Makes me think of the Beatles… “The love you take is equal to the love you make.”

  • davebrose

    A simple managable plan than I can just add to my to-list.. exactly what I've needed.

    Thank You

  • I'm glad you like it Dave and thanks for stopping by.

  • Speaking the truth once again – Amen!

  • Speaking the truth once again – Amen!

  • I like most of your post and this article tells the truth about listening which is the key in an effective communication whether in real life or in social media.

  • This is great! Mahalo (thank you) for putting it so simply into 7 steps! I love it. Will post immediately. Aloha 🙂

  • Thank you Kellie, I'm glad you liked it. I just visited your blog, very interesting stuff.