Mini-Tutorial: How To Create A New Post On Your WordPress Blog In Under 5 Minutes

  • Really informative video. I run a Blogger and WordPress blog. I have the hardest time understanding the WordPress dashboard. I guess I'm so accustomed to Blogger until it's just hard to break old habits.

  • Thank you Roschelle, I guess WP has more stuff but it's very user friendly, it's just a matter of getting comfortable. Following on Twitter now…

  • carriekish

    Yes, but will you write my content?

  • You're a great writer…

  • carriekish

    Thanks, Francisco. I think I am only a “great writer” because I write a lot. It isn't always easy. It takes a lot of discipline. There's also a huge “virtual cutting room” on my computer of stuff that doesn't get published. It's a good metaphor for anything we want to be great at I think. Thanks for sending my thoughts this way tonight…

  • deborahdrake

    Thank You! As Always.

  • Thank You! As Always.

  • Rachel T

    Hi Francisco, I just watched this for the first time. I missed it before but it was worth the wait! I'm excited, intrigued, and inspired as I get ready to engage with WordPress. You have a way of explaining something new that makes it seem totally doable and possible. Thanks!

  • Wow! even with my crazy accent? Thank you!