What’s Behind Your Branding?

you We talk a lot about the importance of  having an online branding either for your business or personal, but I have a better question for you: What’s behind it?

I guess what I’m saying is that more important than your branding is the foundation of your business, the core of your product or service.

You can collect followers on Twitter but that’s not going to take the business anywhere if your product or service is not kicking ass itself. Sometimes entrepreneurs fall into seeking for better ways to market and close sales when we really should take a step back and rethink everything from that foundation.

It has been said that it doesn’t matter how good your product is if it’s not presented under a good image, it’s not going too far. Good design and branding can take you to next level, of course there are exceptions, I happen to think that while I love the simplicity of it, everything Google does is pretty ugly, but they still dominate the world… On the other hand, if your product or service is not remarkable on its own, awesome design and branding are not going to accomplish much more than creating a good first impression.

Having a lot of money to hammer your product into your target market through advertising is not an alternative anymore specially if your a small business, don’t waste your marketing dollars.

So there it is, branding should be a secondary element, you got nothing if what’s behind it is not equally good. Imagine how many leads you can burn if you go out there on social media websites trying to promote something that is half way done because you think you can improve things with time, not only you can come short on fulfilling those expectations, but you can also damage your reputation.

Developing a product or a service is also a creative process, it might take longer than you have plan for, but it’s always better to take that time. When you create something of quality, the whole marketing approach will happen in a more organic fashion. Don’t forget that social media is based on conversations between consumers, consumers that are eager to share with their friends ALL their everyday experiences, either good or bad, and you don’t want to fall into the bad experience category. Stuff spreads pretty quick online.

Bottom line, take the time to plan your kick-ass branding and your strategy on how to deploy your message all over the internet, but first take the time to build a strong foundation.

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