Why Is Your Personal Branding So Important?

siloutte We have already seen plenty of success stories from both brands and small businesses leveraging the power of social media. We have also seen the development of leaders becoming celebrities in their fields through both Facebook and Twitter.

Companies have been successful at putting a face in front of their logo and individuals have become known without the help of a powerful brand to back them up. Numerous studies have indicated how consumers trust more a brand with a blog and social media presence.

Now, how important is it for you to be branded as an individual? Or is it the right moment to do so? The beauty of social media is that it has changed the way we communicate, when everybody used to say that eventually we won’t talk to each other because of computers, emails and texting, social media has brought us together like never before. We communicate more and more everyday.

The audience became the content provider. If you have something to say, not only you can say it, but you can do so in different formats. TV and the advertising industry used to dictate our content, now we’re more interested in listening to what leaders have to say.

First, get your brand

  • Regardless of if you are ready or not, you should be checking if your name is available as a domain, preferably as a .com if your lucky and purchase it. You might have to get a little creative with variations or extensions but try to get as close as possible.
  • Create an email account with your domain, web-based emails such as Gmail or Hotmail are just not professional.
  • Go to Twitter immediately and do the same, the demand for this names is increasing so fast (and they’re free…) that you are risking ending up with a @johnsmith23677353 and that’s not good.
  • Do the same with all the other platforms. Start with the main ones such as Facebook and Linkedin.
  • Fill out all the information and be consistent in all the networks.
  • Put a face to it. Your image on every profile should be your face, don’t try to be funny with something only you understand…

You are not an entrepreneur…

What’s your expertise or your passion? Most likely you have that one thing in which you’re an expert or have an interest. Companies are setting up their employees on Twitter for a reason, people are more important than brands. Start sharing your knowledge little by little and build confidence. Start generating traffic organically. Meaningful relationships. If your content is good or at least you are linking to great stories on the web at the beginning, they will follow you. Just start.

Boost your career

Remember resumes? Over the last few years, not being on Linkedin became embarrassing. Now, companies are looking into how much influence you have, are you a good candidate or are you a leader? You can literally become the candidate of choice. Social media provides you with such visibility that there are people getting job offers on Linkedin and even over Twitter every day.

Listen to Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s new book Tribes emphasizes on the importance to become a leader and promote change. People want to be lead and not by brands. Anybody can do this, and social media is a great tool. This video from TED is about 15 minutes long and it has been around the world in the last few weeks, but if you haven’t seen it, I recommend you take the time…

A no brainer…

If you ARE an entrepreneur or a professional in any field, you cannot afford to ignore social media anymore. You need to brand yourself as the expert and offer your knowledge and experience as your PR strategy. Find a way to identify yourself and make the connection with your brand. In this case, you should seriously consider blogging too.

Remember that social media is based on honesty, big web startups are actively talking to users when their system is down, usually this will put any business down, but when you are honest and you give it a personal touch, people appreciate it.

Whether it is a good cause or a business, you need to focus on leadership and start a movement. Even if you’re not ready, start talking about it.

Share your thoughs…