Twitter: Are We Missing The Point?

twitter I honestly think most of us are missing the point about Twitter. I know this sounds like a pretty basic concept to raise at this point, but I guess some of us still don’t understand how to use it or we simply don’t care.

What good is it to have a million followers if nobody is really getting your message… or caring about it.

Everybody seems to have their own policies on how to use Twitter, stuff like following automatically or not and following only if you have more followers than the people your following… I have seen backgrounds with a flashy graphic saying “Follow Me and I’ll Follow You”. What’s the point of that? You don’t even know me or care about what I have to say.

I’ve made a decision on using Twitter on an organic way, I’ll take it slow and try to build meaningful relationships. I don’t care if I have a million followers or not, or if I’m following more people than I have followers. And I won’t post stuff that only makes sense to my best friend. My strategy will be based on honest conversation and try to contribute with something useful.

Like Gary Vaynerchuck said in its CNN interview, there is no strategy, just follow your heart and it will be fine. Check it out, the whole interview is very refreshing.

It’s so easy to loose visibility of what’s important when you have traffic building money-making wannabes shooting everywhere and Multi-Level businesses recruiting 24/7. I know, just don’t follow them back you say, but it’s still a waste of time to go through that, maybe there is a meaningful connection to be made in the middle of that clutter. Did we forget about email spamming?


Let’s try to keep our common sense in place, you’re not getting rich doing this… Twitter is a beautiful tool but that’s it, whether you use it for branding or personal networking. Can you get clients? Yes, but not like this…

Any thoughts?

  • Absolutely, in agreement! At least on most points. I do use Twitter and have kept it small for a reason…just like you said – create meaningful professional connections with other like-minded people. It’s refreshing to see that my marketing mind-set is sensible!

    I do however have a coaching practice and have tapped into a fabulous new network marketing company know as Compass. Network marketing/Direct selling is certainly not the negative here…in my opinion it’s the sales tactics that some companies use (network marketing/direct selling and other types of businesses) that give it all a negative conotation. It’s important to remember that corporate America has it’s negative sales tactics too…so let’s keep the business model out of the discussion. Let’s focus on quality consultative sales techniques and creating real connections in an environment of supporting each others business endeavors – Twitter is great!

    So…with that said – send me an email if you’d like to connect on Twitter, once you visit my website.

    Happy entreprenurial spirit to ALL!


  • socialmouths

    Hey Carla,

    Thanks for the comments. I’m familiar with Compass, I know what you mean. I visited your site and didn’t find your Twitter handle anywhere…

    Keep in touch =)