Best Social Tools For Non-Profits

socialvibe It’s not a secret that Non-Profit Organizations and Social Media are a perfect match. Not only to increase awareness for their cause but to actually raise funds.

Some organizations like charity: water are very active in social networking and have been able to push their cause to the next level…

But others are barely discovering that potential and, as we all know, not only social media can be a little confusing at the beginning but now we have a new startup every week.

The trick is that we get really creative with the possibilities, Social Networking is not just Facebook and Twitter, or both Facebook and Twitter can do a lot more than what you see.

So we gather these few tools we think are a great fit for any kind of organization:

On Twitter


TipJoy makes it possible to actually collect money. It provides you with the code to install your own widget on your blog or website. One of the cool features is that it shows the user what the goal is how much is still to go. You can customize the message and the default amount of money. If you ask the donating user to also Retweet the post it can go a long way.

Facebook Causes

charity: water has recruited more than 50,000 members and more than $63k using the Facebook Causes App. I was actually surprised to see how many of my friends had the app already installed. Facebook with its 200 million users is a platform that must be included in any organization’s strategy. You can provide information, generate traffic to your site and raise funds directly from the app.



Social netwoks like and CauseCast are a great external tool that features profiles, blogging, media sharing and fund raising. These sites are pretty much the Facebook for Non-Profit causes and they represent a suitable solution for organizations to build relationships instead of creating their own stand-alone network. They also have very attractive and clean layouts.

Sponsored Advertising


SocialVibe is a great tool to raise awareness for Non-Profit organizations. The platform gets organizations, brands and users together in a simple 3-step process. The user chooses one cause and one brand to sponsor the ad, which is generated by SocialVibe in the form of a badge. The users posts the ad on social networks like MySpace and earns points for any donations coming from them, it’s what we would call a win win… win situation.


Of course we recommend any organization to use sites like StumbleUpon, Digg or Delicious. There are also more targeted sites like SocialYell, a bookmarking service that is focused 100% on social causes, this is the key ingredient here. It features a voting system similar to other sites.

Private Network

There are many platforms to build a private social network and now with launch of BuddyPress, there is another option on the table. While some of these options are open source and an organization only needs to concentrate on small customization, we believe the young causes should build a follower base on established networks such as and leverage from the monsters like Facebook and Twitter at the beginning.

There are many other sites that can help a social campaign get noticed like SocialActions, IdeaList or Razoo. Let us know of any others or share your thoughts…