Social Startup: Quub

quub Website: Quub

The Idea

Quub is a Status Update that claims to be different from Twitter. According to their About Us page, Quub is not Micro-Blogging but a Micro-Presence platform.

I got to say that my first impression looking at the screen was that it looks a little complex for a simple status update, but it has a great design.

Quub is currently under limited beta testing but they’re still offering 5,000 more signups, so hurry up if you want to take it for a ride before the rest of the world does. I think it will be a big challenge with the momentum Twitter has developed in the last year, but I’m sure Quub is aware. If they don’t focus on trying to defeat the giant, they can probably be able to engage a more exclusive crowd.


  • Instead of having a 140 character update, you answer 3 questions: Where Are You? What Are You Doing? and Anything Else You Want To Add. What makes it a 3 step update.
  • You can separate your followers in groups.
  • It is real-time.
  • Privacy.
  • I don’t see any connections to other platforms yet.
  • quub, the quick explanation from on Vimeo.

Follow Them

Go test it and share your thoughs…

  • Don

    quub connects to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Hi5, Tumblr, and Plurk.

    Check Settings -> Services to set it up.


  • socialmouths

    You’re right Don, I completely missed it. Thank you for the clarification.

    Good luck!