Facebook vs. MySpace

fbvsms It was going to happen sooner or later. Kids move faster than ever. Not too long ago my daugher was listening to the band 30 Seconds to Mars, next thing, we bump into Jared Leto (band singer/actor) at the supermarket and she ignores the guy, at first I thought she was distracted so I told her…

She looked at me as if I was saying something embarrasing and kept walking. Hold on, did I say something stupid? ’cause you were the one listening to the guy… all of a sudden it’s not cool! But it wasn’t only my daughter I guess, nobody else was even acknowledging him.

Same thing was going to happen to MySpace, one day it was cool to have one million flashing graphics flying all over your profile and now, kids won’t even admit they would spend the whole afternoon on it.

According to Compete.com, Facebook finally passed MySpace last December in unique visitors, but it’s even more impressive how it grew 195.06% in the last year compared to MySpace‘s decrease of -11.40%.

Technology is moving so fast these days that we’re actually witnessing how MySpace becomes a thing of the past just after it was both for $580 million 3 years ago by News Corp. At that time Rupert Murdoch was looking like a million dollars, today, everybody is wondering what is he going to do with that dinosaur.

We’re not even done talking about Facebook and we are already in love with Twitter, which is experiencing growth rates never seen before. We are already talking about how Twitter Search is taking Google by surprise. This is a company that was launched 2 years ago and has not made a penny yet.

Today we are looking at about 200 users for Facebook and 125 for MySpace, lets see what happens from here until the end of the year, which I think will be crucial for Rupert’s network.

Do you think is the simple and clean profiles? Or MySpace‘s technology is already too old? Do you think MySpace can reinvent itself? They just changed management…

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