Twitter Names For Sale

tweexchange Have you tried to buy a decent .com domain lately? I can tell you it is a long and frustrating process. You need to get really creative on putting together different variations of your name before you end up thinking that a .biz doesn’t sound so bad, after all it is a business.

We all know the .com story; it took years to get here. Today we face a new battle for names and web identity. Twitter has become so popular that its usernames have created a market opportunity.

Craig Agranoff, Co-Founder of Vois, has launched Tweexchange to start the after market place for Twitter names. With the popularity and unbelievable growth rate Twitter is enjoying at the moment, hundreds of variations for apps, widgets and plugins for your desktop and mobiles are being developed all around the world. Tweexchange was expected to happen.

But I still have 2 questions and it will be interesting to see how this develops in the future (the future on Twitter world might be next week…):

Who has control over the username? I thought Twitter does, after all it has the power to cancel your account, in that case, doesn’t the username becomes available again? It’s not yours. This is what usually happens with the Internet, everything is a little “freestyle” at the beginning, until the need for regulations is created.

Is Twitter doing something about it? According to its policy, you can’t sell Twitter accounts.

In the meantime, the Tweexchange account has already suspended and Twitter promises to continue enforcing its policy as they find others involved in this kind of activity.


As I wrote on my post Secure Your Web Identity, you need to acquire your name or your business name on the popular social networks even if you are not planning to use it immediately. That is of course, if it’s still available.

Also, if your name is not that common, I suggest you purchase your .com domain as soon as possible too.

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