5 Reasons Why Microsoft Won’t Make It

vine Vine, the latest social networking site has begun its beta testing in Seattle, WA. Vine is the new attempt Microsoft launches to fight Facebook and Twitter for a piece of the social pie and try to generate revenues out of status updates.

Anything new? You bet. Vine will focus on becoming the main communication channel for emergencies, mixing the so popular Status Updates with local news and message alerts. It also integrates a map on a desktop app where you can see other users.
Sounds exciting, but in my opinion it will not fulfill the giant’s expectations and here are my 5 reason why:

1.    Too Late – Microsoft seems to always be late in the game. It will always be behind Google and Yahoo! on search and it will always be behind Sony’s Playstation on gaming. They’re doing it again, with the momentum Facebook and Twitter are already enjoying, the piece of the pie will never be enough.

2.    Wrong Image – I personally thing Microsoft should try to get away from that Vista look they try to apply to everything they do. Vista was not the happiest experience for many of their users.

3.    The Bush Syndrome – Microsoft suffers from a very low level of popularity, and I’m not talking about Mac users that couldn’t care less about it. Everybody loves the underdog story, and in this case, anybody that goes against the giant automatically gets the market’s approval. If you don’t believe me, ask Firefox (I love it…).

4.    It’s a Poser – It’s like the guys that dresses like a skater, talks like a skater and even owns the most expensive board in the store, but doesn’t skate. I think that when the public knows you are in it just for the money, they won’t give you their loyalty. You just can’t fake it.

5.    Inconvenience – If there is an emergency and I only have my computer or my mobile phone at hand, I will probably tweet it, besides, if we have to wait until it reaches 50 million users… or nobody will know there is an emergency.

To me Microsoft is a rich kid that wants to have all the toys. If I was Microsoft I would be looking into 2 options, either pull out my wallet and offer a sick amount of money to purchase Twitter or take care of my cheese, which is Office, before it’s gone too…

We’ll wait for Vine to come out officially and hear what the 10,000 Seattle beta testers have to say about it. In the meantime we’ll get our news on real-time via Twitter

  • I quite agree. That said, another reason that could have been on your list was “overkill”. Vine seems too big. I’m of the opinion that social networking needs to be light and monofunctional along the likes of twitter.com. waliwali.com & friendfeed.com. But who knows?